Chesterfield sofa is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of history

Posted On March 20th, 2018 by Erin

Chesterfield, as we now know it, is an exquisite leather sofa that incorporates prominent tufting pattern into its back, seat or both. Its recognized design has turned the Chesterfield sofa into a descriptive and highly transcending style of seating thought to be namesaked after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope who was looking for a furniture solution that allowed comfort without the sacrifice of mannered personal appearance. The original Chesterfield offered an upright, firm seat, adorned with buttons and nail head trim for added trendsetting qualities and aesthetic refinement.

Today, chesterfield sofas have changed the status quo of formal seating, and are used in all settings and in all styles, not just in traditionally designed spaces. Their old-fashioned stigmas and conventional class barriers have disintegrated, with modern sofa versions designed to embrace the decorative depths of original chesterfields with simplified details and a timeless British imprint on interior design.

Some of our favorite Chesterfield inspired masterpieces include the Aston collection by Gamma Arredamenti that includes a sofa, sectional, chaise, armchair and a bed.

Aston sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston bed by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston bed by Gamma Arredamenti

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Celebrating women – Eileen Grey a modern design revolutionary

Posted On March 8th, 2018 by Erin

On March 8th, as we celebrate International Woman’s Day, it is fitting to recognize one of the most influential women in modern interior design, a true revolutionary and a legend, Eileen Gray was a brilliant furniture designer and an architect and was an incredibly strong woman. A pioneer of the Modernist movement along with the likes of Le Corbusier, Saarinen, Jacobsen and Breuer, Eileen Grey was first recognized for her commissioned project, an armchair for Madame Mathieu-Levy’s apartment in 1922. She later went on to create architectural sensation, the E-1027 holiday home overlooking the Mediterranean. She was keen on creating adjustable furniture that would alter with the needs of the people using it with the most infamous piece being the E-1027 glass coffee table that was height adjustable to be used for eating and as a side table.

E-1027 glass table by Eileen Grey

Eileen Grey

Madame Mathieu-Levy's apartment in 1922

Aynhoe Park – architectural time capsule and an interior paradox

Posted On March 3rd, 2018 by Erin

To describe Aynhoe Park in one word would be simply impossible, other than to say that it’s a paradoxical experience. Located an hour outside of London, in the Oxfordshire countryside, Aynhoe Park was originally built in 1615, in Jacobean style architecture with Palladian splendor. While its interiors continuously undergone major and minor renovations that added Baroque details to the estate, its gardens were designed by renowned English landscape architect, Capability Brown. In 2006, Aynhoe Park was purchased by James Perkins who was determined to reinstate this historical country house to its original opulence while adding contemporary design elements and a whimsical touch to its bespoke interior experience.

Aynhoe Park exterior

Aynhoe Park interior

Aynhoe Park magnificent interiors

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Modern Design Trends – from the 70s

Posted On February 20th, 2018 by Steve

Featuring patterns, fringe details and bold colors, the 70s were considered one of the boldest decades when it comes to design. Defined by iconic fashion influencers like Donny and Marie Osmond, Cher and the original Charlie’s Angels, the 1970’s were all about standing out. Inspired by this need for attention a collaboration between Masquespacio’s Ana Hernández and Houtique, produced a stunning collection of modern pendants aptly titled Wink and defined by gold frames and dangling pink fringes that contour their curvilinear shape that were recently debuted at the Maison & Objet show in Paris.

Modern inetior design trends from the 70s

Similarly, Bonaldo partnered with Sergio Biceglo in the design of the Colors modular sofa and with Giuseppe Vigano in the Doppler project that deeply mimic the prints and colors schemes that are innate to the bygone days of the seventies which also were the influencing component of the Kaos coffee table collection by Cattelan Italia.

Color Story – Valentine’s Day, Carrie Bradshaw and the message of love

Posted On February 14th, 2018 by Erin

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday invented by Hallmark to increase sales? If the answer is “Yes”, then as Carrie Bradshaw asked on an episode of SATC, “Have we become romance intolerant?”

Not really, because while Valentine’s Day does celebrate love in a big way, simultaneously around the world, it is a holiday that also points out the various definitions of love, the way love is expressed, received and cherished. It is after all, an honor to love someone and a be loved, celebrate it one day of the year or every day of the year, as long as it is something that empowers the best version of ourselves to be projected upon the world!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, hope it’s full of sweetest moments and unforgettable, precious memories.

I-modulART wall unit collection by Presotto

Presotto celebrates Valentine’s Day with a personalized paneling system that could be easily applied to cabinet doors of its I-modulART modern wall unit collection to celebrate love, send, highlight or communicate any other tailored message.