Color Trend: Greys are still à la mode

It’s been a few years and the grey trend is not going anywhere.  In fact, it’s safe to say that all shades of grey are very much à la mode.  From full palettes to grey hints, playing with different grey textures and tones definitely adds sophistication, interest and compensates for lack of color.  In modern furniture design, grey is a force par excellence that continues to be integrated into everything from beds like Joy by Tonin Casa, statement sideboards such as Alexia by Antonello Italia and even timeless pieces like Bonaldo’s Coral sofa and the Tite Lighting collection by Foscarini.  The choice of comfort and coziness is certainly not lacking even in the greyest of palettes, despite the intensity of darker shades or the neutrality of lighter grey tones.  The overall all interior effect is fresh and relaxing, with timelessness and decorative independence.

Grey Color Trend

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