Design Trend – when royal meets rustic

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia epitomizes the true essence of juxtaposed styles. Modernity and elegance, function and beauty, sophistication and simplicity are designed to coexist in a harmonious and highly impactful composition. Combining spontaneous character of natural burl and the deliberate panache of baroque details that are innate to gilded age royals, Sidney collection is ambitious and one that is destined to dominate the interior limelight with an impressive play of opposites that’s highlighted by superior quality and diverse tactile appeal.

Kitchen from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Bookcase from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

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4 Modern Kitchen Trends For 2017

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

If you are planning a kitchen renovation in time for the holidays, we have your 4 biggest trends for 2017 that will help make your new modern kitchen space become the heart of the home, a comfortable space for entertaining or preparing dinner for your family.

While open kitchen is not completely a new trend nor is it a layout suitable for everyone, it is a trend that is not going anywhere soon and is actually based entirely on the lifestyle of family gatherings and entertaining as well as on the modern notion of an airier, lighter living centered around casual lifestyle. An open concept kitchen is definitely attractive but can also be a source of “domino-effect” yielding fluid aesthetics across the living and dining spaces. So choose color palette that will be easily carried beyond the kitchen or from the living space, into the kitchen.

Modern kitchen featuring an open layout

Gone are the days of extreme uniformity when it comes to kitchen surfaces and finishes, as patterns are becoming exceedingly prevalent in kitchen design. Trendy patterns help break long rows of cabinets and tall monochromatic cupboards while at the same time introducing an opportunity to be bold and creative. While patterned cabinetry may not be your cup of tea, back-splash, floors, or the island may be a great place to add playfulness and visual depth as well as appliance paneling. Trotter kitchen by Porcelanosa is a great example of patterned island and a few different finishes for the cabinets and appliance panels.

Trotter kitchen by Porcelanosa

Brass, steel, copper and bronze are no longer considered out of style as metallic surfaces and finishes have made their way back to modern interiors. While brass, bronze and copper bring a warmer touch without undermining the glitzy nature of modern design, other favorites like chrome, black chrome and stainless steel help bridge wooden surfaces with ultra-contemporary style. Leading Italian kitchen brands like Varenna use an entirely steel island in the Artex collection to blend bronze glass and wooden surfaces. Read More

The New Stone Age

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Stone and ceramic surfaces are growing in popularity, reaching beyond their typical utility on the kitchen or bathroom floor with increased presence in products ranging from modern dining tables, contemporary wall units as well as bedroom furniture.  Paralleling the craze for rustic drift woods, stone finishes that feature rough, almost primal textures offer enhanced tactility and a rugged contrast to the sleek minimalism of modern design.

Balancing interiors with character and aesthetic dimension, marble surfaces like White Carrara and Black Marquina are often seen on tables like Penta coffee table by Cattelan Italia or Hoola Hoop dining table by Bonaldo as well as on wall units like I-modulART collection by Presotto Italia.  Sophisticated pieces like these create an unexpected edge and a counterpoint in the interior while helping balance softer materials with hard surfaces, complementing glass, wood or metals.

Penta coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Penta coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Hoola Hoop dining table by Bonaldo

Hoola Hoop dining table by Bonaldo

5 must have furniture pieces for small spaces

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Small spaces are challenges but not hopeless especially with the help of innovative furniture solutions that make modern decor in any size room possible.  Regardless whether the small space came about because of its urban geography or construction oversight, its functional disposition remains undisputed.  Thanks to many brilliant designers that look to better our daily lives with smart furniture, the list of must have pieces for such demanding layouts, is quite long.

Extension Consoles Tables – if there is no room for a dining table, opt for an extendible console like the Convivium, Party or Nemo cosole tables by Cattelan Italia.  Each of these modern marvels offers that ability to accommodate up to 12 dinner guests.  This is a great solution to have as an additional table that can be used in case of big parties.

Convivium console table by Cattelan Italia

Convivium console table by Cattelan Italia

Sleeper Sofas & Armchairs – nothing maximizes the space more than a sofa that can convert to a queen or full size bed or an armchair that can lodge a guest.  The selection of sleeper sofas and armchairs is very vast and includes beautiful designs like Capri sleeper sofa by Gamma Arredamenti or the Magica sleeper armchair by Bonaldo.

Magica sleeper chair by Bonaldo

Magica sleeper chair by Bonaldo

Small Extension Dining Tables – dining tables that extend are certainly nothing new but the technology and innovation with which they now extend has evolved tremendously with inspiring pieces like the Livingstone table by Tonelli.

Livingstone dining table by Tonelli

Livingstone dining table by Tonelli

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Color Trend: Teal is fun and fresh

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Teal shades are certainly making their presence known in modern furniture with unique realizations of the color, from the role of an accent to statement pieces.  Dark and bright teals are trending because of their chameleon-like character that’s both blue and green, equally and independently powerful.  With the help of natural and dramatic lighting as well as various complementing color schemes like greys, yellows and neutrals, teal colored furniture yield inspiring results and create fascinating interiors full of modern, dynamic and bold ambiance.  This is especially true when teal color is the main attraction in a space, with the perfect example of that being Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo that’s daringly upholstered in teal fabric and accented by lots of natural light.  Teal color is also an excellent choice for accent furniture like the Plisse ottoman by Tonin Casa or the desk section of Presotto’s I-modulART wall unit as well as in the form of smaller accessories like decorative pillows and throws.  Teal furniture and subsequently, teal interiors are balanced and sophisticated, especially when elegantly accented by black or white colors like the combination of the La Defense dining table with white base and teal-colored Round dining chairs by Tonin Casa.

Teal interior design color trends