An enchanted modern bedroom for anyone who dares to believe in magic

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

What is one to do when trying to introduce a touch of magic into a little girl’s bedroom without making it excessively juvenile? First and foremost, a sense of the unexpected has to play a major role and in this case, the illusion of a round room in a square space is achieved using round rug under the bed, round ceiling cutout and the brightly colored purple “quarter” entrance that suggests a circular shape.

Enchanted modern bedroom

Likewise, the use of rounded, bell-shaped Campana pendants by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra and the matching Mirragio mirror by Campana brothers for Edra  collectively add curvatures and offer striking contrasts to the predominantly linear space.

Magical modern bedroom

Enchanted bedroom for a princess

The choice of the brightly colored, albeit a more subtly shaped bed, reminiscent to Squaring Basso bed by Bonaldo is used as a benchmark for the conventional, while decorative elements like Moooi’s Altdeutsche clock and Pig table, as well as The Killing of the Piggy Bank vase and Bell lamp by Marcel Wanders offer eccentric details that get rediscovered repeatedly as the room is used. Read More

Till sleep do us apart, why the modern bedroom is split in two

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Back in 2010, the National Association of Home Builders predicted that one of the strongest 5-year trends in custom-building will be a dual-master bedroom.  This prediction most like ensued from the survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation which revealed a double digit growth in married couples who chose to sleep in separate bedrooms.  While this development in residential interiors is not entirely new, even the cyclical nature of furniture design could not have predicted this surprising revival.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera had separate houses with a bridge connecting them, which could be attributed to their political spotlight.  Many of our grandparents did not share a bedroom in the 50’s, while our parents may have shared a room but slept in side-by-side beds.   But our generation is certainly on point with the king size bed and the idea of a “master” bedroom or a bedroom “suite, denoting a matrimonial oasis with symbolic equivalence to the diamond ring and honeymoon.

So what exactly invaded this sacred institution, converting the occasional “I’ll sleep on the couch” solution to an embedded feature of many newly constructed or recently renovated homes?  For starters, various physical conditions like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are to blame.  Other obstacles are either kids, who sleep in between their parents or pets that are often welcome to share their owner’s bed.  Other intruders are disguised as various technologies and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, emails and texts, or as one-sided entertainment choices like SportsCenter or Dancing with the Stars that are less than desirable to the other partner.

The dual master-bedroom trend is catching fire fast with many buyers opting to make sleep a priority and using their more rested state-of-mind and body as a stimuli to healthy marriage amidst a pragmatic lifestyle.  Nonetheless, the critical task of today’s architects, builders and interior designers is to get creative and settle sleep deprivation issues with less emphasis on the separateness, stressing the importance of invigorating yet intimate bedroom spaces where couples can spend most of their time together and still choose to sleep apart, almost like trying to preserve the pillow-talk while having the pillows at different beds.

5 tips to making your bedroom look like boutique hotel room

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Boutique hotels sprung up as an alternate to the cookie-cutter hotel chains of years past, offering its guests originality, innovation and luxurious comfort.  So it comes as no surprise that the signature design of a boutique hotel guest room has become a source of inspiration.  From vintage modern to streamlined art deco, travelers can recreate professionally designed, extraordinary bedroom spaces by following predominant decor elements that are consistently echoed in most high-styled boutique hotel rooms.

High Headboard: The bed is definitely the center-piece of the room which means the headboard must be immediately noticed.  Whether it’s a stand-along bed with high headboard like the Patrick leather bed or a paneled headboard bed like Saturno platform bed by Mobenia, headboard dimensions are essential.

Patrick leather bed by Cattelan Italia

Patrick leather bed by Cattelan Italia

Bench at the foot of the bed: The bench is meant to offer a convenient place to put on shoes or socks, and is really extension of the bed in color, material or style.  Very often bedroom manufacturers will offer a matching bench as an add-on to the bed like the case with Bonaldo’s Squaring alto bed and Squaring bench.

Squaring alto bed and bench by Bonaldo

Squaring alto bed and bench by Bonaldo

Sitting Area:  Separate sitting area is present in most large-scale master bedrooms, however it is rarely decorated or used to its full aptitude.  Using scaled furniture, congruent decor and space defining components like lighting and a rug will help identified the sitting area as a separate but linked space.

Pendants instead of sconces: Very common in boutique hotels to see pendant light fixtures that hang unexpectedly low over bedside tables instead of the more typical sconces and bedside table lamps.  For a sophisticated, modern aesthetic, suspend a striking light fixture like the Topez pendnant by Cattelan Italia that hangs impressively next to the Adam leather bed.

Adam platform bed by Cattelan Italia

Adam platform bed by Cattelan Italia

Color scheme: in boutique hotels, the color scheme is often based on tonal harmony rather than on flashy pops of color.  Symmetry and balance are the most vital when it comes to color so neutral hues are often most common.  For added depth, insert subtle drama through textures that will contribute to the bedroom’s dimensional appeal.

Creamy Latte and Smoky Blue Color Scheme

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

A contemporary bedroom color palette that is bound to create a calming oasis rooted in its rich creamy latte and soothing smoky blue hues.  Easy to immerse into and enviably relaxing, this color combination is both modern and memorable, a spin on the more customary monochromatic alternative, creamy latte and smoky blue create a predominately elegant and effortless setting especially when realized using simple lines and understated design silhouettes.  Here’s our favorite composition using these colors and the most sophisticated contemporary bedroom furniture pieces.

Creamy Latte and Smoky Blue Contemporary Bedroom Color Scheme

  1. Marshall leather bed by Cattelan Italia
  2. Globe round nightstand by Presotto
  3. Globe oval dresser by Presotto
  4. Swing curved leather sofa by Gamma Arredamenti
  5. Bullet wall mirror by Cattelan Italia
  6. Lumiere table lamp by Foscarini
  7. Gemini 100% bamboo silk rug by Surya

Creating the perfect closet is not an easy task

Monday, April 6th, 2015

The walk-in closet is a personal haven, as far as we [shopaholics] are concerned because it offers an opportunity to express our inner self and highlight our most coveted possessions, including shoes, bags, belts and off course the clothes…here are a few tips of how to create that perfect oasis of fashion and fantasy that says everything to, and about us!!!!

Spacing – in order to see your Chloe from your Chanel, allow a minimum of an inch of hanging space between dress, skirt or blouse.  Make sure that all items hanging together are of similar scales, and keep bulkier items in a different.

Tecnopolis collection from Presotto

Tecnopolis collection from Presotto

Displaying – dedicated sections of the dressing room should be spatially matched with quantities of handbags, hats and shoes desired to be displayed.  Smaller accessories like a collection of sunglasses, watches or jewelry should be adequately showcased, perhaps using a centered island.

Grouping – clothes should be arranged according to a particular look or routine.  Separating workout from work outfits will result in efficiency and will minimize chaos.   Undergarments should be stored neatly and grouped in matching sets for quick decision making.

Pratico collection by Zanette

Pratico collection by Zanette

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