Color Trend – a different shade of blue

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The blue palette is so vast and so popular, from indigo and navy to ocean and sky blue, (just a few go-to shades), that this color family cannot possibly have another fashionable offspring. But that is definitely the case because these new shades of blue-grey are absolutely mesmerizing and they are taking the interior world by storm. Calm and relaxing, these almost ethereal blue-grey colors are agreeable in both traditional and modern environments, making an impactful visual statement without being too overwhelming.

Blue-grey modern interiors

Lending itself easily as the newest (and most favorite) choice of color by Gamma Arredamenti, various shades and types of blue-grey leather were used on the Marylin fringe bed, Swing rounded sectional and its newest introduction, the Tuxedo sofa as was the case when Tonin Casa reintroduced the Goya sideboard, a dining room staple, in a new blue-grey lacquer color.

Neutral and full of impactful sophistication, this invigorating color palette mixes well with white, gray, black, even brown colors as well as with any metallic like silver, gold and copper and bronze. The eloquent pairings of this color is eloquently demonstrated by Bonaldo in a dining room setting that featured a grey-schemed Origami table accented and anchored by the dimensional richness of blue-grey wall.

How to plant a forest inside the house

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Designed by Mario Mazzer and manufactured by Bonaldo, the hooks on this traditional coat hanger have creative twists. Tree Coat Rack is made from colored polyethylene, which makes it friendly for the outdoors as it is weather resistant and useful inside the house.

Tree Coat Rack by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

Tree Coat Rack by Bonaldo

Tall, skinny, and modern, it is perfect for belts, clothes, jewelry, hats, scarves, as well as beach and bath towels, all of which hang on the angled branches. While the Tree Coat Rack holds a lot of items because of its long branches, it is decorative at the same time, even when it’s empty and especially when grouped with other Tree Coat Racks.

Tree Coat Stand by Mario Mazzer and manufactured by Bonaldo

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Color trend – orange and blue prove that opposites really attract

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

The ying and yang of design are colors that are opposite in every way, but prove to be complementary and powerful interior design companions. While both orange and blue are statement-making colors, their innate nature and opposing placement on the color wheel suggest possible conflict and a very probably possibility of eclipsing each other. Yet, the contrary confirms to be the case, because while orange may glow with fiery energy, blue adds a sense of calmness to the space or the object, causing a total atmospheric balance often enriched by whites or greys to faintly temper this commanding contrast.

Countless interiors, like the sitting area that features Structure arm chairs by Bonaldo in orange and blue, or product creation like Mirage glass coffee table by Metteo Ragni for Tonelli and newest Euroluce introduction by Foscarini, which was a nominee for Best Product Award, Filo table lamp Andrea Anastasio, have proven this powerful duo to be a winning one.

Modern interiors featuring orange and blue colors

Color Trend – RED, WHITE and BLUE is always in style

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Bonaldo proves once more that authentic Italian design is made for international taste buds; especially their increased emphasis on design that consistently includes Red, White and Blue scheme, particularly relevant to July 4th celebrations. Bonaldo’s innate elegance, ingenuity and boldness that’s embedded into every product demonstrate why they are leaders in modern furniture design and why every Bonaldo piece is truly exceptional.

Among the newest additions to their product roster, the Alfie accent chair by Giuseppe Vigano is a simple and highly modern solution with endless possibilities when it comes to its shell and upholstery options. Same goes for the Picabia collection that includes Picabia bed and sofa, both of which take a modern spin on the laid back throw-cushion element that is commonly found on the bed or the sofa. Bonaldo’s love for the red, (white) and blue continues with the color scheme chosen for Earth, Wind & Fire ottomans by Gino Carollo, which feature two-tone contrasting upholstery with strong graphical effect and impactful decorative appeal for any space. All the while, both the Ketch and Karim Rashid’s Poly dining chairs epitomize this incredibly powerful color palette that is further accented by the dining chairs’ equally unusual silhouettes.

Red, white and blue modern design by Bonaldo

Color trend – white walls

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Contrary to what is typically assumed, a room with white or neutral walls is not necessarily boring or dull, but rather can pack a surprisingly impactful punch and can certainly prove to be audacious in its own right. So what exactly can turn a white-walled room into anything but basic?

Add a focal point, preferable not a huge one as shown with Nick sofa by Cierre that’s upholstered in light leather to match the walls while the Seventies accent chairs are upholstered in a much darker color and draw much of the attention away from an otherwise monochromatic space.

Nick sofa and Seventies accent chairs by Cierre

Nick sofa and Seventies accent chairs by Cierre

Rooms with large windows and naturally well-lit spaces like the dining rooms depicting Viola d’amore and Monaco tables by Cattelan Italia are far from simple and in fact capture the innate architectural charm of the space, as well as help focus the attention on the furniture pieces that fill the room.

Viola d’amore dining table by Cattelan Italia

Viola d’amore dining table by Cattelan Italia

Monaco dining table by Cattelan Italia

Monaco dining table by Cattelan Italia

The white-walled and neutrally decorated bedroom at the center of which is Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo is a softly decorated, perhaps a color-less space but one that could not be further away from boring. This serves to show another alternative that uses natural light source in the form of an exaggerated window, and turns it into a focal point, which by design serves as the room’s center of attention and is noticed because there are no visual distractions.

Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo

Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo