Color Trend: Red powerhouse

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

A powerful color that symbolizes everything from passion to range is also a popular choice in many modern interiors.  Demanding attention and offering enormous visual impact, red color can be used for a main furniture piece like Tonin Casa’s Dharma bed where the rest of the room is subdued or it can also be a statement making accent piece in the form of a lighting fixture like the Big Bang Suspension Light by Foscarini or Cattelan Italia’s Joker bookcase.  Red color is innately prevalent and its presence can be very minimal in order to still achieve a visually memorable presentation and a perfect example would be the slight incorporation of a red panel into Presotto’s I-modulART Verona sideboard which immediately made it an eye-catching centerpiece.

Red interirs color trend

How often and how the areas behind and underneath heavy furniture should be cleaned?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

To start with, cleaning behind and under large furniture is not as intimidating as it seems.  If anything, avoiding the shocking discovery of dust and dirt hidden by furniture only when moving or renovating should be the main reason behind planning to better upkeep the more challenging areas of our interiors.  So how often and how should these areas be cleaned?

The hard-to-reach areas like the ones under a bed, around the sofa, and behind the buffet, should be cleaned at least every 6 months.  This can be done by either moving the furniture or creatively reaching the areas under-and-behind these pieces.

But before we proceed with various ways to move furniture, let’s take a step back and discuss the type of furniture that should be selected if the choice is there.  To prevent having to move heavy furniture, albeit twice a year, chose furniture on legs with easy access to the space underneath.  Examples of such options include the Nelson bed by Cattelan Italia, Sunset sectional by Gamma Arredamenti and Tide buffet Karim Rashid for Horm.

Sunset sectional by Gamma Arredamenti

Sunset sectional by Gamma Arredamenti

If the space under the furniture is almost non-existent, try a stick vacuum or any other tool with small footprint.  And also plan ahead.  When installing new furniture or moving in, add felt pads to heavier furniture that are standing on hardwood or tile floors.

Is marriage between modern and country styles possible?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

One of the most unexpected interior style hybrids combines the wild side of country decor with modern minimalism, delineating an eclectic melange called country-modern.  The stark contrast between these polar styles creates lasting sophistication, warmth and welcoming charm that’s entirely innate to the rustic finishes like wooden beams, distressed surfaces and natural hides.  But this style is also full of contemporary flair like straight lines, floating effects, and shiny materials.

The transformation is particularly astonishing when a typically ultra-modern floating bed like Dylan platform bed by Cattelan Italia, gets a rustic makeover in the form of pony leather.  The result is a country-modern bedroom space that would otherwise be pure and minimal.  And this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to completing this stylistic phenomenon.  The modern twist to this rustic style continues with a matching pony-leather upholstered Taxedo floor mirror and Casanova chaise lounge, offset by the unexpected crisp blue accents on the wall and through softer accessories.

Incorporating modern and country styles together

Gemstone Series: Inspired by Agate

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Lake Superior’s Agate gemstone gets its rich brown and amber colors from the iron minerals deeply hidden in the soil of its shores; ruminants of the billion year-old volcanic lava eruptions.  But its enchanting ring-like pattern is a repeated vigilantly bit more widespread especially when it comes to the organic shapes of Samba coffee table collection by Cattelan Italia, offered in rich walnut wood as well as in white Carrara and brown Emperador marble.  The caramel and brown color of the Agate gemstone as well as its pebble shape can also be seen in the Isola clock collection by Nomon and in the Lumiere lighting collection by Rodolfo Dondoni for Foscarini.  Regardless of the specific modern decor genre – be it furniture, accessories or lighting – the alluring tonality of Agate, its captivating orbicular design and the understated organic shape lends itself as an inspiration, one that’s certainly bound to become an interior gemstone in its own right.

modern design inspired by Agate gemstone

9 guidelines that will inspire your next accent wall choice

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

An easy way to introduce tonal variation and overall depth to any space with maximum flexibility is through an accent wall.  The virtually infinite color, texture and material selection allows the accent wall, the greatest degree of personalization and creativity.  In case you are pulled in too many directions when it comes to your accent wall, here are some guidelines and inspirations to make that choice a little easier.

1. Use bold colors for the accent wall but make sure that the rest of the walls are muted and accompany the color of your accent wall with harmony.

Giotto bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Giotto bookcase by Cattelan Italia

2. Don’t limit your accent wall to just paint color.  Expand your options to wallpapers, wall tiles, and panels.

Jerez dining table by Cattelan Italia

Jerez dining table by Cattelan Italia

Meeting platform bed by Presotto

Meeting platform bed by Presotto

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