5 must have furniture pieces for small spaces

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Small spaces are challenges but not hopeless especially with the help of innovative furniture solutions that make modern decor in any size room possible.  Regardless whether the small space came about because of its urban geography or construction oversight, its functional disposition remains undisputed.  Thanks to many brilliant designers that look to better our daily lives with smart furniture, the list of must have pieces for such demanding layouts, is quite long.

Extension Consoles Tables – if there is no room for a dining table, opt for an extendible console like the Convivium, Party or Nemo cosole tables by Cattelan Italia.  Each of these modern marvels offers that ability to accommodate up to 12 dinner guests.  This is a great solution to have as an additional table that can be used in case of big parties.

Convivium console table by Cattelan Italia

Convivium console table by Cattelan Italia

Sleeper Sofas & Armchairs – nothing maximizes the space more than a sofa that can convert to a queen or full size bed or an armchair that can lodge a guest.  The selection of sleeper sofas and armchairs is very vast and includes beautiful designs like Capri sleeper sofa by Gamma Arredamenti or the Magica sleeper armchair by Bonaldo.

Magica sleeper chair by Bonaldo

Magica sleeper chair by Bonaldo

Small Extension Dining Tables – dining tables that extend are certainly nothing new but the technology and innovation with which they now extend has evolved tremendously with inspiring pieces like the Livingstone table by Tonelli.

Livingstone dining table by Tonelli

Livingstone dining table by Tonelli

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Interior Design Trend – Exposed Brickwork

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Exposed brick wall trend is raw, unfiltered, and primal, perhaps indicative a previous life of the space or of a life that earned a new meaning.  Interior decor is full of controversial fads and the exposed brick wall is one such statement.  The origin of this interior trend can be traced to globalization of manufacturing and de-industrialization of urban neighborhoods, more specifically the conversion of abandoned factories whose products are no longer needed or have moved to an overseas production plants.  Repurposing former industrial spaces for residential purposes left traces of rustic aesthetic that feels “naked” but also evocative of history.

When it comes to the decor of such spaces, it is a hit or miss with plenty of times when the unfinished element is inflated in an unflattering way.  However, more times than not, this unique design element builds momentum because of its flaws and subsequently makes everything else in the space look and feel “pulled-together”.

Check out these amazing examples that make the exposed brick feel like an integral and necessary decor element.

Skorpio dining table with Bolero pendants by Cattelan Italia

Skorpio dining table with Bolero pendants by Cattelan Italia

Oxford sideboard, Kos occasional table collection and Flag floor lamp by Cattelan Italia

Oxford sideboard, Kos occasional table collection and Flag floor lamp by Cattelan Italia

Drop wine rack by Cattelan Italia

Drop wine rack by Cattelan Italia

New Year Resolution: work out more, at home

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

It’s January of a new year and of course everyone is still in “resolution” mode.  With the best intentions, we all want to start over, reduce our bad habits and vices, reset our excuses and infuse our motivations with new vigor, with ‘being healthier’ landing at the top of most people’s lists.  To be healthy is directly intertwined with proper nutrition and a consistent workout regiment, and yet very few consider leaving the house to eat healthier, so why do people leave the house to engage in a routine workout.

Instead of leaving the house, the inspiration, motivation and lack of distraction should be the primary reason behind the investment in a home gym.  Small space is no longer an issue because machines are now reduced to their smallest footprint and maximum utility allowing for increased physical fitness and enhanced mental wellness.

Technogym is an Italian manufacturer that specializes in unique, highly innovative gym equipment that is perfect for both commercial and residential fitness.  With welcoming, zen-like vibe and seamless design, Technogym offers solutions that are functional, user focused, and guarantee “speed, agility, efficiency, safety and hygiene.” Offering many collections, Technogym boasts with advanced research and modern aesthetics for the home through its most modern Forma line that’s designed “to minimize space, maximize interaction and fun during workouts.”  Forma collection of products integrates professional equipment with sleek ergonomics fitting for home use.  In addition to Foam, Technogym also includes the Artis Line of cardio and strength products, Kinesis Line for strength training and the Unity console of interactive fitness.

Unique and highly innovative gym equipment by Technogym

Does the term “hand-made” really applies to glass?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

One would typically associate hand-made techniques with upholstery, woodworking and other crafts-driven creations, with glass not really being linked to having anything to do with non-machine driven process.  And yet, Fiam’s iconic sculpture-like coffee table proves that glass is a material that can be indeed used to construct an entirely hand-made design.  The Atlas statuesque coffee table is one of Fiam Italia’s most distinguished productions.  Designed by a renowned British sculptor Danny Lane, Atlas coffee table incorporates tiers of straight and curved edge 20mm thick glass molded entirely by hand into refractive and reflective surfaces.  Danny Lane is an renowned sculptor and it’s of no surprise that his masterpiece for Fiam is a collector’s item with museum worthy character.

Atlas coffee table by Danny Lane for Fiam Italia

Atlas cocktail table close-up details

Atlas coffee table close-up

Atlas coffee table production process

An enchanted modern bedroom for anyone who dares to believe in magic

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

What is one to do when trying to introduce a touch of magic into a little girl’s bedroom without making it excessively juvenile? First and foremost, a sense of the unexpected has to play a major role and in this case, the illusion of a round room in a square space is achieved using round rug under the bed, round ceiling cutout and the brightly colored purple “quarter” entrance that suggests a circular shape.

Enchanted modern bedroom

Likewise, the use of rounded, bell-shaped Campana pendants by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra and the matching Mirragio mirror by Campana brothers for Edra  collectively add curvatures and offer striking contrasts to the predominantly linear space.

Magical modern bedroom

Enchanted bedroom for a princess

The choice of the brightly colored, albeit a more subtly shaped bed, reminiscent to Squaring Basso bed by Bonaldo is used as a benchmark for the conventional, while decorative elements like Moooi’s Altdeutsche clock and Pig table, as well as The Killing of the Piggy Bank vase and Bell lamp by Marcel Wanders offer eccentric details that get rediscovered repeatedly as the room is used. Read More