New Year Resolution: work out more, at home

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

It’s January of a new year and of course everyone is still in “resolution” mode.  With the best intentions, we all want to start over, reduce our bad habits and vices, reset our excuses and infuse our motivations with new vigor, with ‘being healthier’ landing at the top of most people’s lists.  To be healthy is directly intertwined with proper nutrition and a consistent workout regiment, and yet very few consider leaving the house to eat healthier, so why do people leave the house to engage in a routine workout.

Instead of leaving the house, the inspiration, motivation and lack of distraction should be the primary reason behind the investment in a home gym.  Small space is no longer an issue because machines are now reduced to their smallest footprint and maximum utility allowing for increased physical fitness and enhanced mental wellness.

Technogym is an Italian manufacturer that specializes in unique, highly innovative gym equipment that is perfect for both commercial and residential fitness.  With welcoming, zen-like vibe and seamless design, Technogym offers solutions that are functional, user focused, and guarantee “speed, agility, efficiency, safety and hygiene.” Offering many collections, Technogym boasts with advanced research and modern aesthetics for the home through its most modern Forma line that’s designed “to minimize space, maximize interaction and fun during workouts.”  Forma collection of products integrates professional equipment with sleek ergonomics fitting for home use.  In addition to Foam, Technogym also includes the Artis Line of cardio and strength products, Kinesis Line for strength training and the Unity console of interactive fitness.

Unique and highly innovative gym equipment by Technogym

9 guidelines that will inspire your next accent wall choice

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

An easy way to introduce tonal variation and overall depth to any space with maximum flexibility is through an accent wall.  The virtually infinite color, texture and material selection allows the accent wall, the greatest degree of personalization and creativity.  In case you are pulled in too many directions when it comes to your accent wall, here are some guidelines and inspirations to make that choice a little easier.

1. Use bold colors for the accent wall but make sure that the rest of the walls are muted and accompany the color of your accent wall with harmony.

Giotto bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Giotto bookcase by Cattelan Italia

2. Don’t limit your accent wall to just paint color.  Expand your options to wallpapers, wall tiles, and panels.

Jerez dining table by Cattelan Italia

Jerez dining table by Cattelan Italia

Meeting platform bed by Presotto

Meeting platform bed by Presotto

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Color Story: Earth Tones in the Family Room

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

What’s more welcoming than a palette that signifies warmth and coziness?  Decorating with earth tones is easier than ever with the addition of modern colors that have minimal yellow and orange undertones but instead have delicate hints of grey, an example of which can be seen with the exquisite leather upholstery of Sunset sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti.  Additionally, reinvention and reintroduction of precious metal finishes like bronze and copper inserts a new dimension to everyday objects like the Kadoo coat rack and the Apollo chandelier both of which have dynamic natures thanks to their metallic finishes.  And finally, natural influences like the walnut wood of Lingotto coffee table, cotton chenille of the Delhi area rug or the cooper stone facade of Presotto’s I-ModuleArt wall unit allude to the inviting and softening aspect of organic textures in the realm of modern decor.

Earth tones in the modern family room

3 hot examples of red room decor

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

These hot red rooms are not the kind from “50 Shades of Grey” but rather are steamy illustrations of exceptional unification between the powerful and the subdued.  Red is an inspiring and highly influential color that sets the ambiance in any room around the house, evocative of passion, power, and elevated emotions.  In interior decor, red color is at its best when used subtly and conservatively with understated hints of warmth and exhilaration.  When introducing a new iteration of the Basket platform bed, the Basket Air version by Bonaldo was depicted in a subdued room with primarily grey color scheme and red accents in the form of the Icosi end table, select bedding elements and the frame of the Alfie accent chair.

Basket Air platform bed by Bonaldo

Red color increased in its intensity in the red and white library, showcasing impactful architectural elements with predominantly red colored Wally bookcases by Cattelan Italia.

Wally bookcase by Cattelan Italia

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Top 5 ways to turn a rental into a home

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

While renting can be a short or long term arrangement, it is not a permanent living solution and comes with its own decorative constraints mainly revolving around the level of personalization and “ownership” of the space.  Nonetheless, a year-long rental for a job, a summer rental or one for just a few weeks can still feel comfortable, welcoming and simply like a home.  These 5 easy and low cost solutions will help any temporary living situation feel like a home in both practical and emotional way.

Utensils and dinnerware – regardless of how fancy or unpretentious, new plates, mugs, cups and flatware will always make you feel like you are eating at home.  The key here is “new” so any charming option from retailers like Crate and Barrel, Target and Ikea is perfect.

Utensils and Dinnerware

Area rug – rugs add coziness and completely change the room’s perspective in the most positive and welcoming way.  On the practical side, rugs cover unattractive floors, minimize noise and help define functional spaces in open layout floor plans.  In case of hardwood or tile floors opt for shag rugs or anything that feels plush and soft on your feet like wool, viscose or bamboo blends.  Layer low-pile rugs on wall-to-wall carpeting; choose from flat weave options like 100% jute, cotton, sisal or leather for maximum surface coherence.

Area Rug

Greens and blooms – adding life in the form of living or silk plants will ultimately make any space feel more energetic and cheerful.  Choose from low maintenance plants like terrarium, succulents and cacti, opt for fresh flowers that alter on a weekly basis or just settle on silk options in the form of exotic fig and lemon trees to tropical palms. Read More