Does the term “hand-made” really applies to glass?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

One would typically associate hand-made techniques with upholstery, woodworking and other crafts-driven creations, with glass not really being linked to having anything to do with non-machine driven process.  And yet, Fiam’s iconic sculpture-like coffee table proves that glass is a material that can be indeed used to construct an entirely hand-made design.  The Atlas statuesque coffee table is one of Fiam Italia’s most distinguished productions.  Designed by a renowned British sculptor Danny Lane, Atlas coffee table incorporates tiers of straight and curved edge 20mm thick glass molded entirely by hand into refractive and reflective surfaces.  Danny Lane is an renowned sculptor and it’s of no surprise that his masterpiece for Fiam is a collector’s item with museum worthy character.

Atlas coffee table by Danny Lane for Fiam Italia

Atlas cocktail table close-up details

Atlas coffee table close-up

Atlas coffee table production process

Color Blocking with Gemini by Artifort

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Following on the footsteps of the hottest trends in fashion, Gemini modern chair is full of effortless style and fluidity of design.  Designed by UNStudio for Artifort, Gemini is envisioned to epitomize the “half” and features two irregular seats that mirror each other in shape and are complemented by a small table. The collection offers different color and layout variations that help create unforgettable and highly graphic settings befitting both commercial and residential environments.  From highly contrasting color blocking combinations to more similarly tonal, ombre-like pairings, Gemini chairs leave extra room for imagination and customization.

Gemini chair by UNStudio for Artifort

Gemini stunning chair by Artifort

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The power of decorative trim

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Following along the same decorative logic embedded in the idea of a “picture frame,” framing just about anything, results in a decorative slam-dunk.  Defining any silhouette ensues in a striking visual whether it is through tone-on-tone or contrast colors, and is considered bold and vibrant.

In contemporary furniture, a decorative trim is often referred to as “piping” with Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti being the perfect example while decorative and exaggerated stitching as seen on the Dolly armchair by Gamma Arredamenti is also often used as a quasi-trim, adding high-end appeal and excellent graphic integrity to the already sophisticated modern furniture piece.

Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Dolly armchair by Gamma Arredamenti

Dolly armchair by Gamma Arredamenti

Samba coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Samba coffee table collection is inspired by the organic shape of pebbles, offering inexact sinuosity that’s eloquently counterbalanced by its sleek silhouette.  Designed by Paolo Cattelan, Samba coffee table offers an interesting element unique shape, catching attention without stealing the show.  Samba coffee table is designed with three table top forms, and a graphite embossed base.  With either the natural Canaletto walnut or chic marble in polished white Carrara or brown Emperador, Samba coffee table makes a stylistic impact as an individual piece or in a trio composition with overlapping heights.

Samba coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Samba coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Samba coffee table by Cattelan Italia

The 60-30-10 color rule

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

If, en route to achieving a striking interior, painting an entire space in a bright or powerful color is not your cup of tea, then the classic “60-30-10” color rule will help to incorporate a vivid palette in an impactful and harmonious way with tasteful balance between bold and subtle colors.  The rule trickles down to simple color strategies that suggest the following proportions:

  • 60% of a dominant color
  • 30% of a secondary color
  • 10% of an accent color

Here are some examples…

interior design displaying the 60-30-10 color rule

In this stunning modern living room, grey/black palette represents 60% of the interior color as it is incorporated into the floor, walls and some of the geometrically patterned rug; white is 30% as it is the color of Bonaldo’s very large Cove sectional sofa and Foscarini’s Supernova ceiling pendant; turquoise is 10% being present in the form of a throw and accent pillows.

dining room with 60-30-10 color rule on display

In this eclectically designed contemporary dining room, white (in the form of walls, floors, ceiling and drapes) denotes 60% of the colors scheme followed by 30% of a warm walnut wood tone (as seen on Tonin Casa’s Manhattan table and Granada sideboard) and completed by 10% of the striking cherry red color embodied by the Vivienne dining chairs.