Color Story – Midnight Green or Philadelphia Eagles Green

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

It’s Super Bowl Eve y’all!!! And Philadelphia is all lit up in tribute to the Eagles whose journey to Super Bowl LII is truly inspiring. The city’s most recognizable landmarks like Boathouse Row, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, City Hall, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and practically the entire city skyline is glowing with green pride in colorful salute to their home team’s road to the 2018 Super Bowl. But just in case Eagles green love extends beyond the Super Bowl, know that this shade of green is also known as midnight green and is a powerful yet chic color with modern inclination and organic disposition. Midnight green is a color that can easily energize and brighten without appearing ostentatious because of its strong ties to nature, while coming across extra sharp because of its vivid cool, cyan undertone. For inspiration and for very pretty modern furniture pieces if you are an Eagles fan, examples of perfectly applied Eagles Green include the Lock armchair by Alessandro Busano for Bonaldo and the Tuny leather bed by Tonin Casa, both of which embody this gorgeous color with serenity and sophisticated taste.

Modern interiors in Philadelphia Eagles midnight green

Style Rules: dramatic way to decorate with clear glass

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

As Isamu Noguchi once said, “It is weight that gives meaning to weightlessness…,” clear glass requires a little unconventional thinking. Instead of trying to complement glass with another clear element and weightless material, it is more impactful to underscore the innate lightness of glass with substantial materials for dramatic effect. For example, the extra clear and entirely glass, Azimut dining table by Cattelan Italia, is paired with the Magda leather chairs while Tonin Casa’s Vendome dining table is paired with Charonne and Vivienne dining chairs which in both cases offer a great deal of visual and sensorial contrast to the weightlessness of glass.

Azimut dining table by Cattelan Italia

Azimut dining table by Cattelan Italia

Vendome dining table by Tonin Casa

Vendome dining table by Tonin Casa

In another instance the mega modern Nervi dining table by Karim Rashid for Tonelli, was unexpectedly paired with heavy looking, transitionally styled Villa and Velvet dining chairs by Costantini Pietro to anchor its ultra-light nature with weightier structures.

Nervi dining table by Tonelli in room service 360° showroom

Nervi dining table by Tonelli in room service 360° showroom

Color Story – is it wine o clock yet

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Wine colors tend to represent their namesake quite literally with the same amount of sophistication, depth and relaxing disposition. Exuding warmth and inspiring complete coziness, wine-colors are a powerful way to showcase a rich combination of design styles and architectural details as well as a known decorative method that brings attention and highlights a desirable feature.

Tonin Casa does an excellent job with this elegant color palette through Astoria sectional by Aldo Petillo that is eloquently upholstered in deep burgundy velvet fabric while the Dharma bed with its rounded headboard and plush structure is featured in a beautiful shade of merlot. Equally enamoring is the multi-purposeful Ricciolo armchair by Angelo Tomaiuolo in ruby red Nubuk leather that also doubles as a chaise lounge using its patented folding mechanism. To finish this tempting color palette with yet another example of chic timelessness is the Sorrento dining chair that satisfies multitude of styles and enhances with its enveloping structure as well as with its intricate choice of upholstery.

Modern interiors in in wine colors by Tonin Casa

Cheers to beautiful interiors to achieve which you can’t go wrong with a red-wine palette!!!

Color Trend – a different shade of blue

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The blue palette is so vast and so popular, from indigo and navy to ocean and sky blue, (just a few go-to shades), that this color family cannot possibly have another fashionable offspring. But that is definitely the case because these new shades of blue-grey are absolutely mesmerizing and they are taking the interior world by storm. Calm and relaxing, these almost ethereal blue-grey colors are agreeable in both traditional and modern environments, making an impactful visual statement without being too overwhelming.

Blue-grey modern interiors

Lending itself easily as the newest (and most favorite) choice of color by Gamma Arredamenti, various shades and types of blue-grey leather were used on the Marylin fringe bed, Swing rounded sectional and its newest introduction, the Tuxedo sofa as was the case when Tonin Casa reintroduced the Goya sideboard, a dining room staple, in a new blue-grey lacquer color.

Neutral and full of impactful sophistication, this invigorating color palette mixes well with white, gray, black, even brown colors as well as with any metallic like silver, gold and copper and bronze. The eloquent pairings of this color is eloquently demonstrated by Bonaldo in a dining room setting that featured a grey-schemed Origami table accented and anchored by the dimensional richness of blue-grey wall.

Thoughts of summer and our summer-must haves that can be used year round

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Summer is finally here, at least in terms of season if not in matter of temperatures. Vacations have been planned and frequent parties by the pool or backyard barbecues are on the weekend schedule. But while little time will be spent indoors, the home will inadvertently be the hub of hustle and bustle. Here are our favorite summertime furniture must-haves that are bound to add utility and a sense of style to the outdoors but can also be used inside all year round.

TheDuck by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo is an eccentric little end table that offers a pop of color and a convenient place to put a drink or a plate. It is an amazing conversation piece for indoor or outdoor use and also comes as an illuminated version.

TheDuck by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo

TheDuck by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo

TheDuck by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo

TheDuck by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo

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