Color Trend: Pink is not just for nurseries and Barbie houses

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

When thinking about pink interiors, one’s immediate association is with a little girl’s room and of course with every doll’s house on the market.  But there is a grown-up way to use pink color in interior design that is not blatantly feminine but rather soft, sophisticated and full of style.  Powder pink, or any unsaturated shade of the color with dusty hue will yield a fresh and elegant result whether through an accent or a backdrop or even when taking on the center stage.

With a visible yet not overwhelming contrast, pink is compelling as an accent to a generally white room like the one featuring white Vendome glass table and Paris sideboard by Tonin Casa that are contrasted by pale pink leather upholstered Vivienne dining chairs.  On the other hand, equal amount of pink and blue makes for a striking and highly noticeable combination that’s often used on furniture and accents as shown in Luca Papini’s Liber Showcase collection for Tonelli.  Emanating elegance and tranquility, the subtle nature of pink makes its presence sinuous with almost any color, from grey hues like the accent pillows on the Charcoal colored Lars sofa by Giuseppe Vigano for Bonaldo, to a single cabinet in Presotto’s I-modulART composition that is by and large graphite and charcoal brown, pink proves as a subtle and sensible element in modern decor that departs from its childish relatives.

Pink modern interior design

Color Trend: Teal is fun and fresh

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Teal shades are certainly making their presence known in modern furniture with unique realizations of the color, from the role of an accent to statement pieces.  Dark and bright teals are trending because of their chameleon-like character that’s both blue and green, equally and independently powerful.  With the help of natural and dramatic lighting as well as various complementing color schemes like greys, yellows and neutrals, teal colored furniture yield inspiring results and create fascinating interiors full of modern, dynamic and bold ambiance.  This is especially true when teal color is the main attraction in a space, with the perfect example of that being Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo that’s daringly upholstered in teal fabric and accented by lots of natural light.  Teal color is also an excellent choice for accent furniture like the Plisse ottoman by Tonin Casa or the desk section of Presotto’s I-modulART wall unit as well as in the form of smaller accessories like decorative pillows and throws.  Teal furniture and subsequently, teal interiors are balanced and sophisticated, especially when elegantly accented by black or white colors like the combination of the La Defense dining table with white base and teal-colored Round dining chairs by Tonin Casa.

Teal interior design color trends

Color Trend: Red powerhouse

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

A powerful color that symbolizes everything from passion to range is also a popular choice in many modern interiors.  Demanding attention and offering enormous visual impact, red color can be used for a main furniture piece like Tonin Casa’s Dharma bed where the rest of the room is subdued or it can also be a statement making accent piece in the form of a lighting fixture like the Big Bang Suspension Light by Foscarini or Cattelan Italia’s Joker bookcase.  Red color is innately prevalent and its presence can be very minimal in order to still achieve a visually memorable presentation and a perfect example would be the slight incorporation of a red panel into Presotto’s I-modulART Verona sideboard which immediately made it an eye-catching centerpiece.

Red interirs color trend

Color Trend: Greys are still à la mode

Friday, November 4th, 2016

It’s been a few years and the grey trend is not going anywhere.  In fact, it’s safe to say that all shades of grey are very much à la mode.  From full palettes to grey hints, playing with different grey textures and tones definitely adds sophistication, interest and compensates for lack of color.  In modern furniture design, grey is a force par excellence that continues to be integrated into everything from beds like Joy by Tonin Casa, statement sideboards such as Alexia by Antonello Italia and even timeless pieces like Bonaldo’s Coral sofa and the Tite Lighting collection by Foscarini.  The choice of comfort and coziness is certainly not lacking even in the greyest of palettes, despite the intensity of darker shades or the neutrality of lighter grey tones.  The overall all interior effect is fresh and relaxing, with timelessness and decorative independence.

Grey Color Trend

3 reasons why poufs and ottomans offer so much more to modern interiors

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Poufs, footstools and ottomans are no longer designed and used for their sole and primary purpose.  Instead, manufacturers are rethinking their original purpose in innovative ways, adding not just sculptural originality but also functional enhancement with value for every space around the house.  While the fundamental objective of an ottoman remains as it was, the following modern ottomans offer storage, a source of light and sculptural integrity.

1. Visual originality – Earth Wind and Fire Poufs by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo are meant to be used as a composition or individually; turning from a single seat into a bench while enriching the visual value of their surroundings.

Earth Wind and Fire Poufs by Bonaldo

Earth Wind and Fire Poufs by Bonaldo

2. Storage – functionally convenient without visually depreciating the overall design impact, Secret ottoman by Mauro Lipparini offer storage and a seating solution at once.  The same stunning aesthetic dominion and functional brilliance applies to Plisse ottoman by Tonin Casa and the smart stool trio of Freddy, Bruce and Sugar by Gamma Arredamenti.

Secret ottoman by Mauro Lipparini

Secret ottoman by Mauro Lipparini

Plisse ottoman by Tonin Casa

Plisse ottoman by Tonin Casa

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