How to Decorate Modern Interiors Using Grey Colors

Monday, November 9th, 2009

The color Grey is known as a dull, color-less element often forgone in favor of the elegant black and white combo, the earthy tones and even the lively colors found in rainbows.  Yet, the application of grey color in modern home décor is anything but dull.  Grey is often used as an anchor for another color.  For example, if you really like (and are brave enough to want to use) pink to decorate a room but are afraid of its girly connotation feel free to add grey to the palette and automatically create a very sophisticated color combo.  The abundance of grey tones, inadvertently give it the freedom to be incorporated as a diffuser in a bold color scheme.  For example, when using primary colors or colors that don’t necessarily work together, use grey to diffuse or minimize that harsh contrast between the colors.

Great room décor ideas that incorporate grey include its combination with dark browns and neutral palette as seen in this modern bedroom that uses the Selex Crono platform bed with grey lacquered headboard and wenge deep brown wooden frame.

Selex Crono Modern Platform Bed by Milmueble

Selex Crono Modern Platform Bed by Milmueble

Light-grey wall color that serves a backdrop to the bold black and white Gallery modern wall unit collection softening the vivid contrast between two very strong colors. Read More