IMM Cologne 2010 Furniture Design Trends – What’s Coming?

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Always in line with upcoming design trends, IMM Cologne 2010 produced a laundry list of trendy ideas, color clues, and material combinations that will dominate contemporary furniture design the new decade.

Comfortable dining chairs that let you sit at dinner comfortably for as long as you want.  Dinner time has become more important in the past year, and lingering over a good conversation and with good company is something of a habit.  To accommodate this behavioral pattern, modern furniture manufacturers are rising to the occasion with new introduction of dining chairs that are wider, softer and simply more comfortable.  Any chair by Costantini Pietro will be among the most comfortable dining chairs on the market, some favorites include the Urban and the Catalina chairs while the new Kate dining chair by Cattelan Italia and the Nadir dining chair by Bonaldo are superb in terms of comfort.


Chillin’ chaise lounges are an increasing trend in lieu of their versatility, their free-spirited placement just about anywhere in the house and, of course, the abundance of comfort they provide.  Owning a chaise is an open invitation to cozy up near a fireplace, read a good book or just simply relax with a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa.


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IMM Cologne 2010 Furniture Design Trends – What’s Out?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

As the authority on latest fads in modern furniture design, last month’s IMM Cologne also delineated a few contemporary furniture trends that are on their way out of consumer’s homes either because of changing domestic necessities or in lieu of up and coming trends that replace them with more attractive dispositions.  Primarily driven by the global financial crisis, the change in trends is meant to make the home more sufficient, its furniture better utilized and the living space maximized.

Small dining tables were functional when not used as often, now are being replaced with modern extension dining tables that give more freedom and capacity to entertain at home.  With a wide variety of easily maneuverable, ergonomic modern extension tables, dining at home has become conventional.  Manufacturers like Tonin Casa, Cattelan Italia, and Bontempi Casa offer a great selection of extension dining tables with glass or wood tops.

Queens Extension Dining Table by Tonin Casa

Queens Extension Dining Table by Tonin Casa

Sofa, loveseat & chair sets used to be the norm when setting up living room or family décor, however, with increasing selection of sectionals, chaise lounges and accent chairs, living spaces acquired a sense of efficiency and space maximization where more people can sit comfortably using less furniture pieces.  See Gamma leather furniture as well as Incanto leather collection for ideas on how to maximize your seating arrangements.

Paramount Sectional Sofa by Gamma International

Paramount Sectional Sofa by Gamma International

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IMM Cologne 2010 Furniture Design Trends – What Stays?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

IMM Cologne is the first furniture show of the year and just like with every year, it is the show that defines and sets the trends in designer furniture.  This year, a good portion of the design trends from the year before remained, in lieu of their popularity and interior value.

The Color White – whether in a form of textiles, upholstery or finishes, White is still the cornerstone color for interior décor in 2010.  Applied in a form of glossy or matte lacquer onto modern platform beds.  In a form of leather or fabric upholstery on modern sofas and contemporary sectionals, or in a form of white glass on modern dining tables.  The elegance, versatility and timelessness of white remains as one of the strongest elements in modern furniture and interiors.


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Modern Furniture Designs In The Future

Monday, February 8th, 2010

These are some of the most futuristic modern furniture designs I’ve seen to date.

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) Egg bed is an experience of immense relaxation and rejuvenation.  A masterpiece and a piece of art, the Lomme bed uses cutting edge technology and scientific research to enhance the time spent on sleep with the therapeutic qualities of color, light, sound and massage.  Futuristic in its contemporary design and in practice, the Egg ultra modern bed restores and replenishes – physically, mentally, emotionally – elevating corporeal corollary into levels of sheer sensory exaltation.

Egg bed

Manufactured in Germany by Bau+Art, Kinzo Air office collection epitomizes what the future holds in a simple, minimal and light interpretation.  Winner of the 2008 Red Dot design award, Kinzo Air is dominated by rigidly geometric surfaces that are seamlessly linked into a convenient whole.  With an elegant and certainly unconventional design, Kinzo Air does not fall short in terms of customization and practicality…perfect for a modern office space that’s ahead of its time.

Kinzo Air

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Elton John’s Choice – Ribbon Armchair by Pierre Paulin

Friday, February 5th, 2010

When decorating a modern bedroom of his Los Angeles residence, musical legend Sir Elton John chose a piece by design legend Pierre Paulin.  A seemingly fitting choice, Ribbon Chair is a legend in its own right.  With a significant presence that spins over half a century, Ribbon is an accolade to the visionary design that Pierre Paulin came to be identified with.  Clearly ahead of its time, Ribbon Chair pioneered, in a lot of ways, the incorporation of art into contemporary furniture making it an inspiration to sculptural furniture that followed.  Considered an iconic piece, Ribbon Chair is permanently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Ribbon Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort

Ribbon Chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort