Modern Furniture made for Modern Day Royalty

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

In a world where life knows the serenity of ceaseless decadence; where status and stature blend into steadfast fidelity of luxury, home is expected to be a natural extension of one’s lifestyle, a lifestyle that is known and imagined not by association but rather through the breadth of history and the wide possibilities of a far fetched reality.  Royalty, today (from where the commons view it) is a rich blend of tradition with modernism both literal and figurative, and so, it is natural to be imagined by the many who may wonder, what would the modern-day royal residence look like?

For starters, it would have to be by definition – opulent, consistent with tradition yet congruent with modern-day necessities and trends.  The royal residence today would be a delicately quilted landscape that both adheres to its past and projects onto its future.  Anchored in this notion is the newly redefined Rococo movement with just a hint of modern furniture character whose fresh yet elaborate company will be found not only acceptable but undeniably appropriate for the royal court of the 21st century.  Not to be overly ambitious, and only suggestive, the examples below where made for modern-day royalty – literal and figurative.


Victoria Leather Bedroom By Doimo Elite

Victoria Leather Bedroom By Doimo Elite


Noir Oliver Dining Set by Cattelan Italia

Noir Oliver Dining Set by Cattelan Italia

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Modern Sofa Beds that are beautiful and not hard to find!!!

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Do admit that at one point in your life you were (like most of us) on a quest to find a sofa bed; whether to also serve as a seating element in your main living space or to compliment a room with multifunctional utility.  If your experience is anything like mine and most of my colleagues then you know that not only a good-looking and modern sofa sleeper is as scarce as needle in the haystack, but its rarity further extends to an “all-inclusive” (the sofa that has it all) package which sustains design authenticity, functional predisposition and unsparing customization.  This article is actually a proof that the times are changing and the modern design world is responding accordingly.  What was hard to find a year ago, consequently forcing the quest into a settlement for “whatever” – is now a sea of possibilities.  Massive resurgence of urban lofts, hybrids of work-live spaces and continuing growth of the extended family finally bore fruits of practicality with genetics of modern design.

Hilton, Amalfi and Outback Sofas by Gamma Arredamenti International are all sound options for a modern sofa bed.  Furthermore, each of these sleeper sofas are a part of an all-encompassing seating collection (armchairs, loveseats and ottomans) hence opening the possibility of concealing the sofa’s aptitude to also serve as a bed but having it at arm’s reach if need be.  Each of these modern sofa beds comes with one of the most comfort-provoking experiences and can be upholstered in a wide variety of leathers.







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Ode to Modern Furniture Designed or Made in Spain

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

2010 seems to be an appropriate year (although some may think this long overdue) to accolade Spanish contemporary furniture design.  With ground breaking, most talented and highly imaginative designers and manufacturers, Spain has been declaring its position, starting with the infamous Gaudi and Salvador Dali, as an important contributor to the evolution of modern furniture (very specific) and in a more general perspective, to the overall progress and imapct of European design community on the world.

No longer considered an inferior origin, connotations of “Made in Span” modern furniture, enjoy a favorable intake from the global design community and from customers around the world.  And just like with Gaudi’s century-old Modernisimo movement, Spain today is viewed as a flourishing hub, abundant with autheticity, innovation and design-centric visionary approach thanks to famous Spaniards like Patricia Urquiola and Jaime Hayon.  Touching nearly every aspect of modern interiors, Spain’s network of design-oriented furniture manufacturers consisting of such prestigious names as BD Barcelona, Milmueble, Gandia Blasco, Frajumar, Viccarbe, Nanimarquina and Sancal to name a few, have established themselves as leaders, revolutionaries and progressive protogonists of what modern design is today and what it will look like in the future.


1. Outdoor Furniture Collection by Gabdia Blasco
2. Cuchara Rocking Chair by Diego Graneso for Frajumar
3. Crinoline Collection by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia
4. Adhoc Occasional Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud for Viccarbe
5. Dalilips Sofa designed by Salvador Dalí with Oscar Tusquets for BD Barcelona
6. Tokyo 710 Modern Walk-On Platform Bed by Milmueble
7. Club Sofa Collection by José Miguel Andrés for Sancal Diseno
8. Tropicalia Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso
9. Sparkle Shady by Jaime Hayon for Swarovski
10. Little Field of Flowers by Tord Boontje for Nanimarquina
11. Tudor Collection by Jamie Hayon for Established & Sons

Attention all Honeymooners and Honeymoon Suite Decorators!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

It is a known fact that anything cheesy and clichéd is a fair game during that blissful week (or however long) newlyweds are commemorating their nuptials and getting ready for their joint embarkation of a new journey.  It is also a known fact that pop culture has necessitated honeymoon settings to be a breeding ground for romance and everlasting love; a temple of intimacy, lust, devotion and pleasure.  So it is not surprising that exotic honeymoon destinations go to far lengths (and beyond) with rose petals, fancy champagnes, sculptural white-toweled doves and 24 hour room service to name a few – all with one clear purpose and that is to make the honeymoon suite and its inhabitants whose plans are, as Edgar Allen Poe put it, to “love with a love that was more than love”, feel inspired.

To make things cheesier (or in the language of love), more romantically stirring, comes Creazoni, a modern Italian furniture manufacturer, some with baroque inspired details but all of which with a thematic inclination…in this case, art-deco style images of “Mr. & Mrs.” Are depicted on baroque inspired armchairs (Tizzi and Giacomo) and designer bed (Valeriano).  These pieces almost seem like natural podiums for honeymoon suites in popular (and highly exotic) destinations like St. Tropez, Côte d’Azur, Amalfi Coast or Palma de Majorca.  Eminently impressionable, Tizzi, Giacomo and Valeriano would certainly assure that the ambient impact of the expected and typical petals, champagne, doves and chocolate dipped strawberries is sumptuously intensified.

Valeriano Bed



2010 Milan Design Trends – Walnut Remains a Dominant Force

Monday, June 7th, 2010

While in 2008 and 2009 walnut finish was in its infancy mode and no one really knew whether it will survive its first year among interior giants, the 2010 International Furniture Fair in Milan proved that walnut has the interior stamina to be considered more than just finish du jour and potentially reach the same powerful popularity that wenge finish relished over the past years.  Needless to mention, walnut was consistently used throughout the show with applications that stretched into all living spaces.

Some of the most eye catching modern design that involved the neutral, serene tonality of walnut included an Emmemobili dining table who’s geometrically inspired base amalgamated walnut, white and wenge into a multidimensional grid-like pedestal that is complimented by a clear glass top for further admiration of the sculptural designer dining table.

emmemobili table


The Italian furniture giant Porada integrated walnut into essential most of the components of their 2010 collection, a few examples include the Kiko coffee table that is made of pressure-bent walnut planks, Suturnia dining chair is in effect all walnut and so are the Cell round bookshelves.


Draenert, a German innovative designer furniture manufacturer introduced Figura side table collection in three different sizes and shapes made of oiled American walnut with inserted glass plate.