People Modern Wall Unit Collection by Pianca

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

New wall unit collection from the Italian furniture manufacturer Pianca, is a stunning reflection of modern style and functional disposition.  Easily customized and configured, People wall unit collection by Pianca offers everything from storage and display to decorative and sophisticated solutions.  Modular to the greatest extent, People wall unit collection achieves spectacular results especially due to the vast array of finishes and sizes that each of its composing elements is available in.  With rich wood finishes, sleek glossy or matte lacquers and unusual glass options, People modern wall units were designed to make a statement both in terms of their everyday utility and their undeniable aesthetic value.

People Modern Wall Unit by Pianca

People Wall Unit Composition by Pianca

People Designer Wall Unit by Pianca

Custom Modern Bedroom Furniture Without the Custom Price Tag

Friday, October 29th, 2010

People Night Collection by Pianca is one of the most unique in the industry of modern bedroom furniture.  With a solution that will satisfy even the most demanding designer and most particular customer, the People Collection offers thousands of combinations, configurations and compositions in a wide array of finishes, upholsteries and materials.  Manufactured in Italy, the People Night Collection is a showcase of what Italian craftsmanship and design really embody.  The level of quality is astounding and the degree of sophistication is utterly impressive, which collectively make this brand and this collection in particular a rare find.

Modern Bedroom Furniture by Pianca

The concept behind the People Night Collection is rooted in individual attention to every element that makes up the bed and its complimenting storage essentials.  By treating the frame, headboard, and storage items independently, the customer has the freedom to fully customize their bedroom in accordance with specific needs and preferences.  People modern platform bed by Pianca can fulfill the need of a fully upholstered bed, a lacquered bed or a bed that is entirely finished in wood.  Likewise, Pianca People bed can have any combination of its available materials and finishes to arrive at a very unusual façade and a striking silhouette.

People Modern Bedroom Collection by Pianca

The Pianca People Collection is further customizable with regards to the size and the shape of the bed’s headboard.  For those who want a bed with a wide, or narrow, high or low headboard, even a tatami type of look will be able to design a bed with headboard that perfectly suits their desires.  What’s more, the People platform bed can have an asymmetric headboard that adds a sculptural and architectural character to its overall façade.

People Leather Platform Beed by Pianca

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A novelty for London’s Skyline: A breakthrough for Modern Architecture

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

London’s already beautiful and iconic skyline has become even more distinctive due to the latest addition of the Strata SE1 high-rise, towering 485 feet above London’s Elephant & Castle area and said to be the tallest residential building in Central London.  Taller than the Big Ben and the London Eye (views of both are a high selling point for the building’s tenants), Strata SE1 is the brainchild of BFLS Architects and Brookfield Europe who realized the project that became the first building in the world to incorporate energy saving devices in the form of wind turbines, into its exterior facade.

Strata SE1 high-rise building

Nicknamed the “Razor” in lieu of its close resemblance to the electric shaver, Strata SE1 features an edgy, modern design with an exuberant focus on sustainability.   The three massive wind turbines at the tower’s pinnacle are constructed to take advantage of 35mph winds and sequentially generate up to 8% of the required energy amount to operate the building.  Yet, the environmentally conscientious Strata SE1 goes to even further lengths of recycling by including whole house ventilation system with heat recovery, district heating system, low energy lighting, and almost entirely recyclable construction waste.

Strata SE1 Modern Scyscraper

Strata SE1 Scyscraper in London

The Strata SE1 is a residential facility with choices of studios, one, two and three bedroom duplex
apartments furnished using modern furniture and neutral toned materials.   Strata SE1 was completed in May of 2010 and was 99% presold prior to completion date because it is not only a matter of luxury, but of privilege to be part of unprecedented innovation in green technology.

Strata SE1 Modern Apartment Complex

What does the home of the 5th richest man in the world look like?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The recently completed home of Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man and the 5th richest man in the world is estimated to have cost around $2 billion and took over 4 years to complete.   It is called Antilla which is also the name of a mythical island; and an island of sheer opulence it is.  Situated in downtown Mumbai, the Antilla skyscraper stretches over 27 floors, 550 feet and incorporates 400,000 square feet of living space with views of the Arabic Sea.   Antilla’s uniquely designed exterior façade and interior layout scheme is sourced in the ancient practices of Vaastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu methodology of architecture and interior design based on spatial and tangible-object sequence.

Ambani Antilla - Mukesh Ambani's Modern Home in Mumbai

Ambani Antilla - Mukesh Ambani's Modern Home in Mumbai

The Ambani Antilla features a six story garage for 160 cars, 9 elevators, large ballroom with a ceiling that is almost entirely covered in crystal chandelier.  Throughout the 27 floors of the residence are a number of indoor/outdoor bars, solariums, various lounges, gym, dance and yoga studio, 4 story outdoor garden with manicured lawns, exotic flowers and trees, ice room to escape the Mumbai heat with man-made snow flurries, and service quarters for a staff of 600.  Also a part of the Antilla is a ginkgo leaf-shaped movie theater for 50 and wine cellar as well as 3 helicopter pads.

Modern Furniture Gone Naked

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The naming methodology for modern furniture stretches across city names, famous landmarks and into the peaks and valleys of all things hip, yet when a piece of modern furniture has the word “naked” in its name, it immediately attracts attention to its design and curiosity to the design’s connection with the name.  Hope your curiosity is satisfied with the following  examples, which unlike their suggestive name, are not vulgar but rather are “naked” in terms of their structural aesthetics and the materials used.

Naked Chair by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Tonelli

Naked Chair by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Tonelli

Naked Sofa by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Naked Sofa by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Naked Chair by Alberto Colzani for Cerruti Baleri

Naked Chair by Alberto Colzani for Cerruti Baleri

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