Fossa Modular Collection by Aurelien Barbry for Cor

Modularity is growing need in today’s interior settings and the marketplace for designer furniture is responding with ferocity by introducing modular collections that will impress the most particular buyers and accommodate the most demanding spatial and functional requirements.  But perhaps the solution that by far satisfies and exceeds expectations is the newly introduced Fossa modern modular seating collection by French designer Aurelien Barbry for Cor, a German-based designer furniture manufacturer.

Fossa modern modular seating collection by Aurelien Barbry for Cor

Fossa enables maximum functional and structural augmentation through a variety of different shaped blocks which when arranged and rearranged, yield variety of seating solutions.  Fossa’s transformative powers are further enhanced when cushions themselves are added to or removed from the slots in place for holding the backrests, enabling Fossa to vary from a sofa to a chaise lounge, to a bench and into most complicated sectional compositions; which in reality, prolongs Fossa’s stylistic versatility and functional longevity within the living space.

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