Modern Bedroom Inspired by 365 Days of Love

The first part of every February is all about Valentine’s Day; a time of the year during which everywhere you look, you get looked back by really adorable “hugs and kisses” which seems to be the defining symbol of what love has been diluted to.  But what falls through the cracks while we commemorate love’s annual fête, is the fact that love, devotion and desire are celebrated every day if we are fortunate to have someone to celebrate it with.   And the most natural place to celebrate this incredible gift is none other than the bedroom where our most intimate and intricate moments are shared.  Far from corny, a modern bedroom décor that could pass for a Valentine’s day theme, is really a tour de force for everything that is sensual and sensory.

Lover’s dream modern bedroom design

Our picks for the dream lover’s nest bedroom suited to celebrate love every day of the year include:

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