Modern Furniture Trend: gray is the new neutral

When it comes to timeless interior décor, gray hues have always been a popular choice but in the last few years, gray grew in demand and evolved into the new go-to color for modern furniture.  Neutral enough that it complements any color, gray color proves contradictory to a long establish misconception that it ensues with coolness.  Instead, gray is rich in tonalities and can equally warm up its surroundings as it can generate a magnificently sleek impression.  Application and incorporation of gray color has been in particularly prevalent within modern living spaces which coerces the creation of a demonstrative collage where all things gray display versatility, vigor and variability through the use of fabrics and leathers, glass and mirrored surfaces as well as through different plastics and metals.

Fesigner modern furniture trends - gray is the new neutral

  1. Panama Seating Collection by Gamma International
  2. Globe Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia
  3. Atollo Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia
  4. Flipt Chaise Lounge by Baleri
  5. Kayak Sideboard by Cattelan Italia
  6. Lotus Bookcase by Tonelli
  7. People 34 Wall Unit by Pianca
  8. Kat Coffee Table by Tonelli
  9. Sardanopalo Coat Rack by Cattelan Italia
  10. Big Bang Ceiling Fixture by Foscarini
  11. Twister Swivel Armchair
  12. Taac Floor Lamp by Penta

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