OLD meet NEW…My name is Mondrian

Inspired by the meticulous designs of yesteryears, Mondrian Art Nouveau Limited Edition sideboard fuses past and present through impeccably executed design of Boca Do Lobo’s lead visionnaire, Pedro Sausa.  A true protagonist of modern interiors and traditional settings, Mondrian designer sideboard demonstrates stylistic, cultural and material portmanteau at its finest.  With a predominantly linear silhouette, Mondrian’s heart-and-soul lies in its square and rectangular drawer assortment that varies in size, style, finish, texture and façade.

Mondrian Art Nouveau Limited Edition Sideboard

Mondrian incorporates hi-tech surfaces like glossy lacquers, glass and leather into its grid-like patterned structure, accented by elaborate, bespoken brass drawer pulls with baroque reminiscent hints.  Mondrian’s extraordinary and multifaceted nature also makes it an easy to place element not only with respect to décor but as related to its utility and spatial dynamics.  Whether used as a sideboard in the modern dining room, a dresser in the contemporary bedroom, a console or a TV stand in the traditionally furnished living room, Mondrian triumphs as an elicitor of emotions, which is the most desirable character of a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.

Mondrian Designer Sideboard by Pedro Sausa for Boca Do Lobo

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