The art of getting more from less

Formtank created the 2d3d collection of modern tables that give new meaning to multi-dimensional design.  Taking advantage of technological advancement made in the field of 3d modeling, George Rice, the British designer behind this project amalgamated the ancient art of origami, industrial ingenuity and echo friendliness into a strikingly one-of-a-kind silhouette.

2d3d modern table collection by Formtank

Implementing intricate geometry, mathematics and engineering, 2d3d collection delineates the impression of more material than there actually is.  Constituting this impressive collection are 2fold and 3fold modern dining tables and 2foldlow and 4foldlow contemporary coffee tables all of which are cut from a standard sheet of steel, folded by hand and topped off with a glass surface to converge the forms.  The production process is high on green efficiency and material optimization whereas 1 sheet of metal yields 8 tables and generates just 3.5% waste.

2d3d modern tables by Formtank

2d3d designer table collection by Formtank

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