Top 7 Reasons to Give Your Interior Design a Makeover

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

If your house or apartment is decorated in a way that harks back to a bygone era, or that just doesn’t have a cutting edge look to it, it may be time to give your interior design a makeover. Consider giving your interior environment a modern and chic look. There are a wide variety of good reasons for doing this:

Modern Furniture is More Sophisticated

Sophistication can mean different things to different people, but modern furniture definitely says sophistication to many of them. Someone with a well-decorated, modern-looking apartment seems up-to-date and “with it”. To anyone who visits a house or apartment that sports modern furniture, the impression given is of someone able to think in current, progressive terms and thus in a sophisticated way. Interior design options of a modern sort suggest that someone is advanced enough to think of their residence as not just a living space but as an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Old Furniture Collects Dust

Older furniture often has more nooks and crevices than a modern piece. This, combined with the fact that it has simply been sitting around for a long time, says “dust”. Dust settles deep within old pieces of furniture and can be hard to get rid of, even with a vacuum. This dust not only makes decor – and thus the home – look dingy, but it can also cause allergic reactions in many people. Modern furniture pieces with straight, clean lines and simple designs often collect far less dust than older, bulkier pieces. Getting the old furniture items out of the living space and thoroughly sweeping and vacuuming before putting new pieces in is a great way to renew your indoor environment and turn it from a dusty den into a clean and sharp indoor paradise.

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Empress Theodora is reinvented through impeccable craftsmanship of Sicis and incredible vision of Christian Lacroix

Friday, May 27th, 2011

What happens when the inspiration comes from a Byzantine Empress, the craftsmanship, from Italy’s legendary mosaic manufacturer and the vision, from a French design virtuoso who’s been revolutionizing haute couture fashion for over three decades?  The result is a mind-blowing experience to say the least, a collection full of poetic foresight that reverberates as a form of art fashioned with creativity, innovative praxis and a bona fide commitment to celebrating past and present with femininity, artistry, fashion and design as its indoctrinating principles.

Presented at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair, the Theodora Collection by Christian Lacroix for Sicis is inspired by a beautiful courtesan who became Empress of the Byzantine Empire, co-ruling with her husband as equal, advocating women’s rights, religious freedoms, protecting the less fortunate and cementing many societal ideologies based on which modern-day cultures are governed.  Theodora was considered the most powerful and influential woman in the history of the empire which she achieved with her intelligence, perseverance and lust for life.

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What the Inside of Your Home Says About You

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Everyone has a personal style which they express in different ways. The way we dress says a lot about us, as does the way we talk, the way we keep our work space, and many other things. However, perhaps no other thing speaks as loudly about us, our style, and our personality as the inside of our home. Our interior design and the way we keep and decorate our home is a physical reflection of who we really are inside. In this sense, your home reflects your personality, your life, and your memories. Here are a few common design schemes, and what they might say about your personality type.

Modern Design

If you have decorated in a sleek, modern style, using modern furniture and cool accents, you are more than likely a no-nonsense person who is just as interested in function as you are in form. You are very well-organized and prone to be a perfectionist who excels at anything you start. Your home decor consists of leather Italian furniture, chrome accents, and dark, highly polished woods. Your walls are painted in neutral colors and are highlighted with mirrors and discreet splashes of modern art. Your home is clean and well-maintained, so that it is always ready to receive guests, whom you enjoy having over often.

What the inside of your home says about you:

You are organized, professional, and well-mannered. You put thought into things, and aim to do as well as you can in all aspects of your life. You have an active social life and think that life is better when your family and friends are involved in it. Read More

Bone Chairs and Coal Tables: World’s 6 Creepiest Furniture Pieces

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Some furniture designers focus on timeless, classic pieces. Other designers focus on pieces that are interesting, artistic, and even creepy. Artwork does not have to hang on the walls or be tucked away in a corner where no one can touch it. It can be proudly displayed as a centerpiece, a functional piece of furniture, a conversation starter or simply that creepy piece of modern furniture that your friends can’t take their eyes off of.

Burnt Stools
Interior design is going green, and everything natural is hip and hot. Burned logs that are transformed into stools or end tables are unique, amazing, and just a little bit odd. Kaspar Hamacher of Belgium creates these natural works of art that are sure to be eye-catching additions to any home. The German word for ‘burnt out’ is ausgebrannt, and these stools are literally ausgebrant. A wooden log is stripped of all bark and then sections are actually burnt out to create distinctive legs with a smoky finish. Every stool is unique as the work of fire is naturally unpredictable. They are available in lengths that are appropriate for creating end tables as well as stools. Read More

Glitzy Modern Design – W Hotel London Leicester Square

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Designed by the Amsterdam based Concrete Architectural Associates, W Leicester Square is part of London’s posh Soho neighborhood, towering 10 stories above the busy square and irrevocably becoming its undeviating attraction.  Surprisingly, this is the first W in London and not so surprising, the wait was worthwhile.  The gleaming wrap-around glass structure features 192 rooms with catchy classifications of Fantastic, Spectacular and Fabulous while its suites are called either Wow or E(xtreme) Wow.  The special “W” lingo and authenticity doesn’t stop with the room titles, but rather extends to “Munchies Box” for mini bar, “Talent” for housekeeping, “Whatever/Whenever” for front desk, “Beauty Bar” for the washroom to name a few.

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