The Shun Chair by Asus

Photo Credit: Chicago Sun Times

This is another new sensation that was dropped at this year’s NeoCon Design Show in Chicago. The chair is called The Shun, and it is by Chinese design firm Asus. I sadly could not find their website or many mentions of the company outside of the design show, so if you know it say so in the comments. Luckily for us, the Chicago Sun Times did a good job of covering the event, something the attendees are slacking on at the moment.

I’m really digging the design of this chair and I can imagine it might induce more lounging than working. There seemed to be a lot of unique office furniture coming out of the woodwork from all areas of the globe. We wrote about the Mobel Linea showcase from the event last week, and you know they also make an interesting office chair or two.

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    One Response to “The Shun Chair by Asus”

    1. James says:

      This is one of the fine art works in furniture design. The chair looks like an English alphabet ‘C’ attached with ‘L’ at its top