Grey is no longer a downer

Monday, July 30th, 2012

For decades grey color was perceived as gloomy, uninviting to a point of being depressing.  Those days are long gone and forgotten thanks to the many ways grey color found its way into our daily lives.  Today, grey rooms are quite a common thing; in fact, a setting brimming with clear, clean grey exudes serenity and sophistication.

Grey is also the perfect color to make other color pop.  Try layering grey with brightly colored focal piece like the Casanova chaise lounge by Cattelan Italia to yield a vivacious look.

Casanova chaise lounge and Estoril bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Casanova chaise lounge and Estoril bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Or pair greys with shimmering materials, graphic patterns or artisan-looking wallpaper like the metallic damsel print from Tempaper for a dynamic interior landscape.

Damsel wallpaper by Tempaper

Damsel wallpaper by Tempaper

Pianca’s “Berry” Trendy 2012 Living Room Collection

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

This year, living room collection by Pianca was dominated by bold colors with a particular focus on gem tones, bright shades and lots of saturated hues.  A completely revamped Spazio wall unit ensemble as well as equally fashionable upholstery collection allured with unexpected details and innovative material combinations.  While almost every piece was a conversation piece, shades of purple really stole the show.
Spazio wall units in shades of berry or paired with purple colored accent pieces like the Opla swivel armchair.

Spazio wall unit by Pianca

Spazio wall unit and Opla armchair by Pianca

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No Place like Chrome

Friday, July 13th, 2012

The use of chrome is quite common among today’s modern furniture designs because of its enormous aesthetic value, durability and easy maintenance.  Decorating with chrome offers an abundance of possibilities thanks to the versatile nature of this metal.  Cool and edgy, chrome is ideal when used on dining chair legs, and even better when such chairs are paired with a modern dining table that features chrome finished pedestal base.

Ocean Drive dining table and Edith dining chairs by Cattelan Italia

Ocean Drive dining table and Edith dining chairs by Cattelan Italia

Because of its reflective disposition, chrome is also a customary element in occasional furniture such as designer coffee tables and end tables and is often paired with clear or colored glass.

Playtime coffee table by Tonelli

Playtime coffee table by Tonelli

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Interior Design 101: Do not overdose!

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

As it often happens, once the house or apartment is built, bought, renovated or all of the above, the need to furnish and decorate it, is a matter of highest urgency.  The compulsory need to “start living” in the new space can be described as the sight of a water oasis after a long walk in the scorching sun.  That feeling alone drives many, to overdose on furnishing and decorating their spaces.  Like binging after a dreadful stint at a diet, homeowners have very hungry eyes.

Contrary to the instinctive call to action of “lets get this place/room finished”, decorating should be a process of many layers.  While the essentials (like a bed, sofa, dining table and chairs) should be in place from the beginning, other decorative elements such as complementing pieces, art and accessories should be acquired overtime to avoid a decorative overdose.  This way, there is no chance at over furnishing and more success at meeting individual needs, spatial requirements and most importantly, maximizing decorative and functional potential of every interior element.

Hugo modern leather sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Hugo leather sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

William leather bed by Cattelan Italia

William leather bed by Cattelan Italia

Ritz contemporary dining table by Bross Italia

Ritz dining table by Bross Italia

Interior Design Ideas: Mixing Old with New

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Modern interiors are frequently found in many of today’s households because of the innate beauty they offer, and the clutter-less  lifestyle they promote.  With that said a continuous trend that keeps showing its fabulous character entwines injecting a few retro or baroque elements into interiors decorated mainly with modern furniture.  The results lend a dramatic effect with artistic , whimsical and luxurious appeal.

modern baroque interiors

Omega modern leather bed by Presotto is elaborately decorated with neo-rococo accents in the form of stunning candelabras and damask-themed metallic wallpaper.

Panama sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Oxer sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Setting that surrounds the Panama modern sofa by Gamma Arredamenti incorporates textures and shapes that are reminiscent of French gilded eras, while Oxer designer sofa by Gamma Arredamenti is accented by mythology-inspired imagery, throw-pillows with rich textures and extravagantly styled armchair. Read More