Moroso takes the Pink Ombré Plunge with a Blur

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Pink ombre modern design by Moroso

Sourced from French, ombré translates as a color that’s shaded or graduated in tone.  Pink/white ombré first made an appearance on Gwen Stefani’s Dior wedding dress back in 2002 and ever since then, has become to go-to choice for personal expression, being used in hair and nail styles and as a decorative choice in all aspects of personal style.  From a Prada bag and Versace wedding gown to a stunning wedding cake and floral arrangement, pink/white ombré exudes femininity and stylistic integrity which is why, it is not surprising that over the years, people have ombré’d many of their personal belongings by using paint swatches as inspiration.

Even in the realm of fancy, designer modern furniture this trend did not go unnoticed with perhaps the most memorable realization in the form of the Blur sofa by Marc Thorpe for Moroso.

Atlantis Collection by Terzani

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Guaranteed to become the “WOW” piece of the house, Atlantis chandelier by Terzani is a revolutionary, exceptionally stunning focal object with incredible details that account for its mesmerizing impact.  Designed by Barlas Baylar, Atlantis modern chandelier creates a magical environment through the hundreds of cascading chains, draped and illuminated to yield an organic, perfectly harmonious, liquid effect.

Atlantis chandelier by Barlas Baylar for Terzani

Atlantis modern chandelier by Terzani

Atlantis modern lighting collection by Terzani includes two chandelier and two wall sconce versions and is available with nickel, black nickel, gold and bronze chains.

Atlantis modern lighting collection by Terzani

Atlantis wall sconces by Terzani

Unexpected Place for Pianca’s modern furniture

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Pianca is one of Italy’s leading modern furniture manufacturers that specialize in sleek, minimalistic products designed for the living room, bedroom and dining room spaces.  And yet, with a little imagination and a big vision, we found a few of Pianca’s pieces realized in the modern bathroom space, interpreted in a way that exudes nothing but a sense of definitive fit, as if their roots are found in a niche modern bathroom manufacturer like Duravit, Boffi, or Lacava and ultimately proves that Pianca offers versatility in addition to the apparent function and design aspect of its vast product line.

Modern bathroom space by Pianca

In this ultra-modern bathroom, Geometrica wall mirror is used as a vanity mirror, the Antonietta side table is used as a convenient place for a towel while People 30 bookcase is used as a stylish storage for all things “bathroom.”

Modern bathroom design by Pianca

Modern bathroom space by Pianca

Artifort Launches Junior Collection at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Aimed to attract the tinniest design aficionados or aficionados-to-be, Artifort’s new Junior Collection introduced in Milan last month reinforces the timelessness of the brand’s core classic products like the Orange Slice and Mushroom chair with yet another generation-bridging function.  Both originally designed in the 60’s by Pierre Paulin, Orange Slice and Mushroom have both become modern design icons that withstood the tests of time which is why it was a natural extension to shrink them to a “mini-me” size.

Mini Orange Slice from Junior Collection by Artifort

Mini Orange Slice by Artifort

Orange Slice and Mini Orange Slice by Artifort

Orange Slice and Mini Orange Slice by Artifort

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Bohemian inclinations in modern design

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Modern interiors with a bohemian twist are a true reflection of “layered” chic offering a sense of dis-joined completion that came to exist over a longer period of time.  Bohemian style in general is often identified by clinging patterns, unconventional interpretation of functions and a very artistic sense of form.  This is exactly the reason why the amazing Patricia Urquiola pinned her avant-garde seating collection as Bohemian.  Offering curvaceous forms with a quirky asymmetry, Moroso’s Bohemian is a stunning eye-candy that consists of upholstered contemporary sofas and armchairs defined by stylistic conflicts and non-conforming design freedom.

Bohemian sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Bohemian collection by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

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