Herman Miller’s healthcare revolution

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are never the “place to be”, historically known for gloomy and somberly austere atmosphere.  That was one of the reasons why Herman Miller, a mega designer modern furniture brand, partnered with Continuum and its co-founder Gianfranco Zaccai, to create a modular furniture line geared towards the healthcare industry.  Aptly named Compass, this revolutionary solution was designed to enhance the patient’s experience while coinciding with the ever-changing nature of healthcare facilities.

Compass healthcare solution designed by Herman Miller and Continuum

Compass healthcare facilities by Herman Miller

Compass design solutions for hospitals by Herman Miller and Continuum

Compass is all about adaptability, flexibility and interchangeability; it is built to be effective in controlling infection and space continuous when it comes to maximizing the feeling of openness, creating applications for patient rooms, emergency, pharmacy, administrative areas, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces.  Since its launch, the Compass system won many accolades and top awards in both the design and healthcare industries which include NeoCon, Medical Design Excellence Awards, and Good Design Award.

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Felix, c’mon, get happy

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Based on the notion that form and function should also be fun, Felix, a tech accessory company created a line of products meant to enhance the overall experience with latest technological developments and breakthroughs.  That includes accommodating the already saturated, yet still growing market of smartphones, tablets and e-readers all of which come with accessories that are singularly based on being functional and don’t necessarily offer the desired levels of versatility and adaptability.

MonkeyDo tablet stand

TwoHands tablet stand

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Alphanumeric designer furniture by Fontable

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Say what you want…literally with the fun, modern coffee table and accessory collection by Fontable.  Designed to go beyond the beautiful and functional aspects of modern design, Fontable, integrates creative communication into its products offering unlimited possibilities to construct graphic ensembles that allure with ingenuity and interactivity.  Designed by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli, Fontable’s alphanumerical collection is realized through a series of tables with tops shaped like upper or lower case alphabet letters along with single digit numbers.  The tables are made of steel sheet with lacquered paint for interior and exterior use in 10 colors.  The table legs are likewise painted steel and are height adjustable, allowing the tables to overlap.  The Fontable three-dimensional collection was extended to encompass the wall by means of alphanumerical hangers that follow the same rational as the coffee tables.

Alphanumeric designer collection by Fontable

Alphanumeric  collection by Fontable

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Google engineering hub in Zurich

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Spearheaded by Camenzind Evolution Architects and heavily influenced by future occupants of this incredible workspace (a.k.a. Zooglers), the Google engineering hub in Zurich, Switzerland boasts with modern minimalism, quirky perspective on a workspace and out-of-the box interior décor that cohesively mimics the Google culture.  The result is a space that’s full of creativity, humor and relaxation starting with the entrance to the complex where visitors can sit on the Tato ottomans by Cerruti Baleri upholstered in bright colors and scattered around Optic square coffee tables by Kartell in inviting mini-centers each of which is strategically illuminated by Twiggy floor lamp by Foscarini.

Google engineering hub in Zurich designed by Camenzind Evolution Architects

Google engineering hub in Zurich, Switzerland

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Converting mundane objects into modern furniture

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Modern design is all about reinventing the ordinary in the most unexpected fashion.  Such is the case with the good, old clothes hanger.  A familiar object with clear utility was transformed into a minimalistic chair that is made from nothing more than clothes hangers and steel closet rods.  An eye-catchy, colorful and fun seating solution, the Coat Check chair is unexpectedly comfortable because of the hangers’ flexible plastic while the nature of its materials offers enormous degree of customization in terms of color and pattern.  Designed by Continuum, Coat Check chair inspires a sense of organization in the daily routine and is a great addition in dormitories, children’s rooms, home entryways and even clothing boutiques.

Coat Check chair by Continuum

Coat Check chair by Continuum

Coat Check chair by Continuum