Tonelli pushes design boundaries…Again!

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Designing and manufacturing with glass is in and of itself a technological evolution that makes every single one of its results, a modern marvel.  And yet, Tonelli found a way to push the innovative process even further with one of its latest, and perhaps, greatest introductions, the Lumetto side table by Niko Leonardi and Fabio Marinelli.   A true conversation piece, Lumetto has an all-glass, linear structure with  engraved texture that is enhanced through its luminous nature and a built-in LED light that is activated by touching the metal disk with a finger.  Lumetto is a versatile element that embodies what modern design is all about, whether it is used in the bedroom as a bedside table or in the living room as an end table.

Lumetto side table with LED lighting by Tonelli

Lumetto side table by Niko Leonardi and Fabio Marinelli for Tonelli

Lumetto end table by Tonelli