Modern bedroom with a touch of Chevron pattern

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Chevron was popularized by Missoni in the 70’s becoming its identifying signature and has been incorporated into the Missoni Home Collection thus treading its way into home interiors not only to the closets of fashionistas.  Adding dynamic and an extravagant touch, Chevron can be easily integrated into traditional and modern settings alike.  Often used in the form of a fabric, this popping pattern can be incorporated as an area rug, window treatment, bedding, upholstered chairs and throws, as can be seen on the Joe platform bed by Bonaldo.  This fabulous pattern offers contrast and dimension without dominating, transforming the surface into a bold and exciting facade that transcends time and stylistic preferences.

Joe platform bed by Bonaldo

Joe platform bed by Bonaldo

Yellow color in modern decor

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Yellow is a cheerful color of smiley faces and sunshine with innate ability to stimulate memory and attention.  It is a powerful color that dominates easily which is why it should be used sporadically in interior decor as it found in nature and take on the role of an accent.  Through occasional furniture like end tables such as Pat end table by Cattelan Italia or Space side table by Tonin Casa.  Yellow can also be an accent to a neutral color like grey as seen in the newly introduce Kong leather sofa by Gamma Arredamenti where the yellow piping add a considerable dimension to the already unique piece.

Yellow accent color in modern decor

Cheap vs inexpensive furniture and how to tell the difference

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Furnishing a house can get pretty expensive and it is not surprising that many are looking for savings and bargains.  However, unless the whole furniture shopping experience is something that you thoroughly enjoy and don’t mind repeating in a year or two, then cutting corners and ignoring quality may not be for you.  Cheap sofas and sectionals are priced this way because of many reasons, some of which include a particle board frame that will break or weaken quickly, foam filling that will sag easily and inferior upholstery.  Great savings without sacrificing quality can be often found in floor models that furniture stores are looking to offload for space reasons in return for heavily discounted prices, at times at as much as 50% off.  Floor models are a fantastic way to shop for a bargain and purchase something that’s worthwhile, stylish and will withstand the tests of time at an inexpensive price tag.  Check out the Nick leather sofa by Cierre or the Tiffany sectional sofa by Gamma to get an idea on the potential savings that don’t require any quality detours.

Nick leather sofa by Cierre

Nick leather sofa by Cierre

Most common decorating mistakes

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Uncomfortable furniture – don’t rely only on how the furniture looks; especially dining chairs and sofas.  When purchasing any seating element, make sure to test it out in person, paying particular attention to the seat and back height. Soho sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti is both comfortable and stunning with unique functionality.

Soho sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Overly trendy – while furniture is closely tied to fashion, it should be primarily comfortable and functional which is why the fleeting trends should not be translated into your favorite and major furniture buys but rather realized through small accessories that can be painlessly switched or recycled.

Matching instead of coordinating – gone are the days of a 5 piece bedroom set, 3 piece living room and a matching table, buffet and chairs.  The room should have dimension in color, texture, shape and materiel.  Coordinating elements instead of matching them adds drama and interest to the space.  Skorpio glass dining table with graphite base is paired with Isabel dining chairs in a tobacco colored leather and Oxford sideboard with graphite frame and thermal oak front doors.

Skorpio dining table paired with Isabel dining chairs and Oxford sideboard

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Fashion & Furniture in 2014

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

It is not unusual for fashion and furniture to cross paths and draw inspirations from similar elements; however, it is mostly apparent during the yearly furniture fair in Milan where some of the most worldly fashion brands edge into the contemporary furniture realm.  From the epic labels like Armani Casa and Maison Hermes to the smaller boutique brand, furniture takes center stage.  Some of the catchiest and showiest furniture displays included Armani Casa and Missoni Home both of which present a full-scale furniture line while lines like Prada and Roberto Cavalli that presented super avant-garde pieces with leopard print patchwork or curved velvet lined modular components.  Other fashionable showcases that drew tons of attention were Salvatore Ferragamo and Maison Hermes.

Fashion and furniture cross paths in 2014