Color Story: Purple

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Purple color in today's modern home

The origin of the purple color and its name is traced to an ancient Phoenician port city called Tyre where it was first extracted in the form of a dye from sea snails.  Called porphyra in Greek and later purpura in Latin, this dye was exceedingly prized because it did not fade, instead becoming brighter and more intense with time.  The dye was so expensive, afforded only by clergy and royalty leading to its modern-day, pop-culture association with wealth and power.

In the modern home, purple adds dimension and boldness, especially when combined with the formality and warmth of wood tones like rustic walnut tree-trunk tops of Rio coffee tables by Cattelan Italia, which are dramatically positioned against a velvet upholstered Windsor armchair by Arketipo or the striking contrast between a wooden top dining table and Charm chairs by Tonin Casa upholstered in purple leather.

On the uplifting and spiritual side, purple promotes purity and adds a mystical aura inherent to this extraordinary hue.  Such is the case with Bonaldo’s creative choice to upholster the Joe platform bed entirely in purple, resulting in a composition that demands attention without screaming for it.

A BIG Match

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Throughout its 5-year run as one of Bonaldo’s defining icons, Big table has become quite a prevalent portfolio constituent, often used in commercial spaces like boardrooms and restaurants, on popular TV shows and of course in residential settings.  Its unusual design, material and color combination as well as dynamic presence make it indisputably the ultimate choice for experimental pairing.  With so many choices for its leg color and top finish, Big table takes on an entirely distinctive look and feel when matched with differently styled chairs.  From Louis Ghost to Giuseppina, Gloria and Poly, Big table makes a Big statement… you be the judge.

Big table with Louis Ghost chairs by Kartell

Big table with Louis Ghost chairs by Kartell

Big table with Louis Ghost chairs by Kartell

Big table with Louis Ghost chairs by Kartell

Big table with Giuseppina chairs by Bonaldo

Big table with Giuseppina chairs by Bonaldo

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Colorful furniture design – a tasteful way to use the spectrum

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Having a hard time picking out the perfect color for your bed or table, consider your problem solved with these incredible examples where not one, not two or even three colors are used but rather an entire color spectrum, a technique meant to give these furniture piece an eye-catchy demeanor, while making them playful and exciting.  Among these arresting works of (functional) art is the newest addition by Tonelli; Mirage coffee table by Matteo Ragni is a collision between glass and veneer, sheer and solid with formidable emphasis on the illusive nature of reflective surfaces.

Colorful furniture design

In line with Missoni’s notorious patterns, Thea Kuta is a lantern inspired modern ceiling fixture with a fashionable twist that incorporates a medley of vibrant colors into its spherical façade, making it equally striking whether on or off.  Other examples of colorful abundance done right include the Tolo platform bed by Noctis, Cloud chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat, and Karim Rashid’s Bounce dining chair.

Cattelan Italia’s Spyder table and Qwerty desk go Hollywood

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The Spyder dining table and Qwerty office desk are featured on the set of last year’s nail-biter, The Counselor, produced and directed by Ridley Scott with Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender as main characters.

Spyder table and Qwerty desk featured on The Counselor

The Counselor featuring Spyder table and Qwerty desk

Vega Ultra-Modern Office Desk is a Hit

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Both on screen and off, Vega epitomizes modern design in every way.  From its edgy silhouette and an entirely stainless steel construction, to the innate significance it so visibly conveys.  Undeniably bold and dynamic, Vega office desk stands for power which is why it came as no surprise that USA Network execs and producers of the popular TV show Suits absolutely had to make it a part of the TV show’s set.

Vega office desk in TV show Suits

Vega office desk in TV show Suits