Colorful furniture design – a tasteful way to use the spectrum

Having a hard time picking out the perfect color for your bed or table, consider your problem solved with these incredible examples where not one, not two or even three colors are used but rather an entire color spectrum, a technique meant to give these furniture piece an eye-catchy demeanor, while making them playful and exciting.  Among these arresting works of (functional) art is the newest addition by Tonelli; Mirage coffee table by Matteo Ragni is a collision between glass and veneer, sheer and solid with formidable emphasis on the illusive nature of reflective surfaces.

Colorful furniture design

In line with Missoni’s notorious patterns, Thea Kuta is a lantern inspired modern ceiling fixture with a fashionable twist that incorporates a medley of vibrant colors into its spherical façade, making it equally striking whether on or off.  Other examples of colorful abundance done right include the Tolo platform bed by Noctis, Cloud chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat, and Karim Rashid’s Bounce dining chair.

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