Between Black and White, are a thousand shades of Grey?

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

A popular alternative to the striking black and white color motif is going grey.  Albeit having seemingly intimidating decorative qualities, grey offers slew of design versatility and ambiguity ranging from stormy to serene that yield an air of sophistication in both formal and relaxed settings.

Creating a restful, yet stylistically less predictable backdrop in any room and environment, grey shades can be realized in a cool, subtle palette that look crisp and modern or in a warm and inviting scheme when combined with wood textures or other warm neutrals.

Modern grey interior solutions

Decorating with Color – The Rule of Three

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Using an accent color at least three times in a room will contribute to stylistic cohesiveness and appear intentional and thought through.  Unrelated to the theme of the space or whether the color pop is bold or subdued the basic premise of the rule of three helps create visual interest through asymmetry and repetition.

Interior design rules: using an accent color 3 times

In this contemporary bedroom setting that’s predominantly neutral and white, the striking cobalt blue color is used three times: as the upholstered bed frame, as window treatments and the upholstery of Opla swivel armchair by Pianca.

Furniture Fashion Trend: Floral

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Floral patterns always symbolized romance, elegance and positivity which is why it’s not surprising that flowers – small and large, took center stage at many of the Spring 2015 runway shows.  Fashion houses like the iconic Oscar De La Renta, Christian Siriano and Bibhu Mohapatra created breathtaking cocktail dresses and gowns adorned with carnations, hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, and other botanical wonders.  But fashion is not the only stylish medium exploring the delicacy and sophistication of floral motifs.  Embodying this sweet, feminine and quite universal trend are legendary mid-century modern inspired designs like Mare sofa from Rene Holten and Swamp armchair from Michiel van der Kley.  Equally fresh and bold designs for today’s modern interiors include Chance armchair by Sergio Bicego, Time armchair by Pianca, and the Bustier seating collection by Giuseppe Vigano for Saba.

Floral furniture fashion trends in 2015

Floral furniture fashion trends in 2015