Gemstone Series: Inspired by Agate

Lake Superior’s Agate gemstone gets its rich brown and amber colors from the iron minerals deeply hidden in the soil of its shores; ruminants of the billion year-old volcanic lava eruptions.  But its enchanting ring-like pattern is a repeated vigilantly bit more widespread especially when it comes to the organic shapes of Samba coffee table collection by Cattelan Italia, offered in rich walnut wood as well as in white Carrara and brown Emperador marble.  The caramel and brown color of the Agate gemstone as well as its pebble shape can also be seen in the Isola clock collection by Nomon and in the Lumiere lighting collection by Rodolfo Dondoni for Foscarini.  Regardless of the specific modern decor genre – be it furniture, accessories or lighting – the alluring tonality of Agate, its captivating orbicular design and the understated organic shape lends itself as an inspiration, one that’s certainly bound to become an interior gemstone in its own right.

modern design inspired by Agate gemstone

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