Design Trend – when royal meets rustic

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia epitomizes the true essence of juxtaposed styles. Modernity and elegance, function and beauty, sophistication and simplicity are designed to coexist in a harmonious and highly impactful composition. Combining spontaneous character of natural burl and the deliberate panache of baroque details that are innate to gilded age royals, Sidney collection is ambitious and one that is destined to dominate the interior limelight with an impressive play of opposites that’s highlighted by superior quality and diverse tactile appeal.

Kitchen from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Bookcase from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

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On Cyber Monday we are left to ponder about the influence of Cyber Age on Interior Design

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Ever since it was coined in 2005, the term Cyber Monday revolutionized the way we shop for the holidays, and opened the door to other Cyberized activities like exercising, studying, and working in the cyber-age.  From that enables telecommuting, to online universities like Capella and a Peloton cycling experience with streaming live classes, cyber space continues to enrich our routines, offering endless conveniences and time-saving solutions that help make the most of our daily life.  This is an exciting reality that renders itself to a deeper cybernetic exploration and how it plays out in other aspects of our everyday lives.  Drawing on the importance of connectivity, interior design becomes incredibly crucial along with its elements that need to be reevaluated in order to accommodate dependability on technology and cyber space access.  There to meet these inevitable advancements, are innovative manufacturers like Presotto Italia that integrate cordless dockstations into living room and bedroom compositions, providing ports for connections with any smartphone or Nicoline Italia that created a special tech version of their Shelley sofa just to be able to offer its customers cyber access without ever leaving the couch.  And these are just examples that represent the tip of the iceberg as to the true influence of ever-melting cyber boundaries on where we live and how we decorate our homes.

Wall units with integrated dockstations by Presotto

Wall units with integrated dockstations by Presotto

Color Story – Inspired by Black Friday, but not in the way you think

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Full of drama, elegance, and exquisite decorative qualities that are synonymous with opulence, black is one of the most stunning colors to use in interior décor and one of the most popular options chosen for Italian modern furniture. But perhaps the most dramatic example of elegantly decorated spaces that use black color is realized by Veblén collection by Fiam Italia. Predominantly made of glass, Veblén conquers prestige and sophistication through exclusivity of shapes and inspiring details of Italy’s cultural renaissance. Designed by Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli, Veblén represents timeless interiors, evoking art and discerning taste.  Collection Favorites are:

  1. Versailles mirrored panels featuring beveled smoked or bronze glass, decorated with angular resin friezes
  2. Queen Elizabeth glass armchair that has a curved smoked or bronze glass structure and upholstered seat covered with leather or fabric
  3. Arabesque curved glass console and Arabesque dining table both of which feature curved glass base elements
  4. Sophia solid wood dining chair
  5. Rocks & Ducale coffee tables both of which feature mirrored facade in smoked or bronze glass
  6. Coco dining table with double glass base

Veblén collection favorites