Editor’s Pick – on the last day of the year, RememberMe

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

As the last day of the year, December 31st is a day that concludes every experience that took place in the span of 365 days. The good and the bad, the miraculous and the challenging, everything that ought to be forgotten and everything that must be remembered contributes to the optimistic, yet somewhat melancholic aspect of the Rememberme collection by Casamania-Horm. A twist on the typical and the expected, Rememberme collection integrates modern design with sustainability and innovative manufacturing techniques with the need to encapsulate the past.

Rememberme chairs by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm

Rememberme chairs by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm

Designed by Tobias Juretzek, Rememberme collection includes dining table, dining chair and mirror all of which integrate old clothing garments such as jeans and t-shirts into their structures, simultaneously preserving their original purpose while granting them an entirely new meaning in the most aesthetically exciting and memorable way.

Rememberme mirror by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm

Rememberme mirror by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm

Rememberme table by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm

Rememberme table by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania-Horm


Design Trends – winter calls for modern lighting to cozy up to

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

It’s officially winter on the East Coast and cozy interior styles are an absolute must-have. Designed to add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere that is drastically different from the brisk cold outside, Granny modern lighting collection by Casamania-Horm draws from childhood associations that recall grandmothers knitting hats, gloves and sweaters to prepare their families for cold winters.

Granny lighting collection by Casamania-Horm

Granny lighting collection by Pudelskern for Casamania-Horm

Designed by a young Austrian firm Pudelskern, Granny lights are hand-knitted by Netherland-based craftsmen using exclusively pure thick wool from Tyrolean mountain sheep located in the eastern part of Austrian Alps. With deep sensorial symbolism related to winter, Granny modern lighting collection includes table lamps and floor lamps, as well as wall sconces and modern pendants lights, all of which are flame resistant and convey a raw yet cozy surface with social and ecological responsibility. Read More

Color Story – Raspberry and Peach Sorbet by Henzel

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Pink and orange are not the most common color combinations, even if they remind us of the most delicious summer dessert. While hard to imagine them together in one space, orange and pink tend to be too close in hue and equally bright without much of an obvious contrast. And yet, the Swedish design group headed by its lead mastermind Calle Henzel and his wife Asa, reimagined this electrifying color combination in the form of eye-catchy, modern area rugs like L.A.65.-Copenhagen, Hope and Face Avezzano. Zestful with brightness and inspired by art, Henzel rugs are designed to serve as a museum-worthy magnum opus, projecting audacious nature and utterly memorable metropolitan identity. Capturing international scenes, saying, symbols and cultures, all Henzel rugs welcome customization like swapping city names on the 745 New York Milano from Milan to Berlin and by that transforming what was meant to be an area rug, into a one-of-a-kind statement that’s personal to its surroundings.

Showcase of designer area rugs by Henzel

Showcase of designer area rugs by Henzel

745 New York Milano rug by Henzel in room service 360° showroom in Philadelphia

745 New York Milano rug by Henzel in room service 360° showroom in Philadelphia

Color Story – beyond the green shades of Christmas

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Green color is often associated with Christmas and Christmas trees, especially during the holidays, but it is in fact a dynamic hue full of energy and aesthetic harmony, suggestive of sustainability, renewal and life outdoors. A great statement color to be used on an armchair like Bonaldo’s Arno or an ottoman like the Hollywood in the form of an accent piece, or as a visual focal point as seen with the Marlon sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti, green denotes its intuitive versatility and injects any living space with transformative aura. Welcoming, relaxing and somewhat dramatic, green color has a modern interior design essence that goes beyond Christmas and is rather a popular choice to combine with earth colors, grey palette or in a black & white setting.

Green modern interior design

Products show are Hollywood ottoman by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo,  Arno armchair by Mauro Lipparini for Bonaldo, Valises storage cabinet by Maarten De Ceulaer for Casamania-Horm and Marlon sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti.

Editors Pick – this Christmas you get a house!!!

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

For the parents who happen to be huge fans of contemporary design and modern architecture, there is an appropriate gift through which they can project their passions on their wee ones. Perhaps it’s a way to translate something personal into something playful and fun, a sort of inspiring journey, like the gift of a book or the first set of paints; or perhaps this is a way to dream up a home very early on by letting imagination soar.

Lo and behold, there is a house designed for children to play in, unlike anything else with similar intentions, this is not a cottage but rather its Italian counterpart called Villa Julia. Fittingly manufactured in Italy and a part of Magis MeToo collection of children’s furniture and accessories, Villa Julia is designed by Javier Mariscal.

Going beyond its obvious utility, Villa Julia is a realistic dream house with enthralling potential and vast possibilities for creativity innate to designing and building a real-life house. With a mid-century modern flair, Villa Julia gives children autonomy to build it and decorate it as they wish; making it an entirely personal experience with smaller scale construction challenges and design decisions that they could be facing later in life.

Villa Julia house by Javier Mariscal for Magis (part of MeToo collection)

Villa Julia house by Javier Mariscal for Magis