Color Story – Valentine’s Day, Carrie Bradshaw and the message of love

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday invented by Hallmark to increase sales? If the answer is “Yes”, then as Carrie Bradshaw asked on an episode of SATC, “Have we become romance intolerant?”

Not really, because while Valentine’s Day does celebrate love in a big way, simultaneously around the world, it is a holiday that also points out the various definitions of love, the way love is expressed, received and cherished. It is after all, an honor to love someone and a be loved, celebrate it one day of the year or every day of the year, as long as it is something that empowers the best version of ourselves to be projected upon the world!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, hope it’s full of sweetest moments and unforgettable, precious memories.

I-modulART wall unit collection by Presotto

Presotto celebrates Valentine’s Day with a personalized paneling system that could be easily applied to cabinet doors of its I-modulART modern wall unit collection to celebrate love, send, highlight or communicate any other tailored message.

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