Celebrating women – Eileen Grey a modern design revolutionary

On March 8th, as we celebrate International Woman’s Day, it is fitting to recognize one of the most influential women in modern interior design, a true revolutionary and a legend, Eileen Gray was a brilliant furniture designer and an architect and was an incredibly strong woman. A pioneer of the Modernist movement along with the likes of Le Corbusier, Saarinen, Jacobsen and Breuer, Eileen Grey was first recognized for her commissioned project, an armchair for Madame Mathieu-Levy’s apartment in 1922. She later went on to create architectural sensation, the E-1027 holiday home overlooking the Mediterranean. She was keen on creating adjustable furniture that would alter with the needs of the people using it with the most infamous piece being the E-1027 glass coffee table that was height adjustable to be used for eating and as a side table.

E-1027 glass table by Eileen Grey

Eileen Grey

Madame Mathieu-Levy's apartment in 1922

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