How to effective mix and match different styles

Refined taste with design styles that range from modern, traditional, minimal and industrial can often constrain a space from its fullest personal expression because of non-verbal design rules that suggest a singular decorative definition. However, the seemingly layered arrangement frequently ensues in the coexistence of multiple styles in the same room. Mixing and matching eliminates rules and restrictions that are particular to certain design styles. For example, a Chesterfield sofa that’s associated with 17th century British aristocracy is perfectly combined with a minimalistic Abaco bookcase by Tonin Casa, further emphasizing the clashing styles through a colorful Fly magazine rack.

Chesterfield sofa, Abaco bookcase and Fly magazine rack by Tonin Casa

Along the same lines is an example of traditional weathered grandfather leather armchairs that are counterbalanced with sleek plastic Kos coffee tables, resulting in a dimensional space with poetic simplicity and authentic expression.

Grandfather leather armchairs with sleek plastic Kos coffee tables by Tonin Casa

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