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Designer Profile: Hélène Dabrowski Interiors

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Hélène Dabrowski Interiors is a full-service residential design firm that was first established in 2001. Its namesake, Hélène Dabrowski, draws inspiration from her experiences working for top designers in both London and her native Paris to provide clients with high-level interior design expertise.

Whether you are looking to redo your entry with traditional furnishings or you’d like to use the straightforward designs of contemporary pieces, Hélène works with you to fulfill your personal vision on the most fashionable terms possible. Or, perhaps you need to update the sitting or dining room. Maybe you are simply tired of looking at the same colors and furniture pieces for years on end. An interior designer that works closely with you and gets to know you is one of the keys to creating the exact space you want and breathing new life into a stale design scheme.

If you have a collection of items from your travels that you want to display, but aren’t necessarily sure how to go about it, Hélène can help. Infusing your personal possessions into the overall design is just one way to make sure that your home reflects you, your lifestyle, and your personality. If you have a newly built home or one that is being gutted and redone, she also works closely with architects, contractors and tradesmen to make sure the design you asked for gets delivered to you. You do not have to even know what your personal design style is; if you like a mix of styles, she can accommodate you by using elements of the styles you love and fusing them together into one overall design. On the flip side, if you are a traditional or contemporary purist, she can keep it simple and straight-forward.

Let a professional interior designer bring out your home’s personality infused with your style. Work with someone who listens and not just someone who does what they want to. Your designer is there to help you make your home reflect your personal tastes and those of your family members. If you wish to employ Hélène Dabrowski or otherwise have any questions about her services, you can contact her through any of the following methods…

Telephone: + 44 (0) 20 8378 1574