A gender neutral blue nursery

Friday, February 26th, 2016

A nursery is an evocative (first) proclamation a who its habitant is, projecting a sense of tranquility and a lot of enchantment.  An impressive composition of baby furniture and accessories fuse to make a charming space for a little girl or little boy. Powder blue, while it is rarely considered gender neutral and often associated with males, can easily be made appropriate for a little lady by incorporating floral and feminine details, or it can playoff its masculine nature with thematic elements and undertones.

Modern blue nursery

In the image:

  1. Plass Suspension Light by Foscarini is a great way to bring in a sense of artistry without the added frill.  It is timeless and will have stylistic longevity beyond its use in the baby’s room.  This is the ideal item to spend the extra money on as it can become an heirloom piece and is very versatile for rooms and styles.
  2. Continua Bookcase by Pianca helps bring modernist lines and organization and many shades of blue; from grayish blue, to artic blue, greenish blue and sea blue, while having the ability to combine them with more neutral accent colors like white, grey or cream.
  3. Babe a Bordo collection by Doimo Cityline Kids is a wonderful bassinet and changing table combo that incorporates minimalist elegance without excess and waste.
  4. Magica Sleeper Armchair by Bonaldo is the perfect solution for those long nights.  It easily converts into a bed and allows the parent to take a quick nap between feedings.

Modern baby rooms that make a statement

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Modern baby rooms that make a statement by Colombini Casa

Italy’s Colombini Casa offers the perfect solution for parents who are averse to simply settling, when it comes to nursery decor and furnishings.  Colorful, bold and playful, Colombini Casa’s modern baby furniture collection integrates contemporary design, function, and durability into unique nursery compositions that sinuously echo modern aesthetics paralleling the rest of the house.  Whether gender-specific or neutral, Colombini’s vibrant configurations feature clean lines, straightforward geometric and organic shapes while encouraging a welcoming and uncluttered space with minimal hindrances that enable the parents to focus on the most important thing – the child in the room.

Modern nursery design by Colombini Casa

Nursery decor and furnishings by Colombini Casa

Modern nursery and decor by Colombini Casa

Modern baby room design by Colombini Casa

You Won’t Believe How Much This Baby Furniture Costs

Monday, October 31st, 2011

After a new baby arrives on the scene, some parents feel the urge to spend exorbitant amounts of money on furniture for the nursery; after all, who doesn’t want their baby to have the best? However, the drive to provide the most magnificent trappings can sometimes cross the line into wanton excess. Only the parents themselves can decide how much is too much to spend, but it’s safe to say that these ten baby furnishings set the bar quite high:

The Majestic Carriage Crib from PoshTots ($19,995)

This made-to-order crib comes complete with an attached changing table with storage beneath. The crib portion is round and comes with its own specially-made round mattress. Parents wishing to order this for their daughter will want to order as soon as the ultrasound is definitive, as it takes 10 to 12 weeks to arrive. There is also some assembly required.

The French Panel Crib ($4,140)

For those well-to-do parents who are expecting a boy, this crib seems like a bargain compared to the Majestic Carriage. This crib is made of alder and birch and takes a standard-size crib mattress. While the mattress is not included, couples are urged not to simply crumple up $100 bills as a bedding substitute; parents of means can simply purchase a mohair organic crib mattress of the same style for a mere $450. The little prince of the household will feel right at home in this cherry-finished, French Empire-inspired creation.

A Bohemian Mosaic Armoire ($5,270)

Should parents be concerned that they won’t have enough room for all of their baby’s clothing and blankets, this detailed armoire offers up three deep drawers. Two doors at the top open to reveal space for hanging clothes. This piece is made with hand-painted pieces of broken China, so each one is guaranteed to be unique. There’s even free ground shipping! By comparison, a gorgeous walnut piece from the 18th century was sold at Christie’s for a mere $3,177 and was considered one of the most expensive armoires in the world… But that piece, however gorgeous it may be, just doesn’t quite approach the whimsy of this Bohemian creation.

A Parker Converse Rocking Chair (Up to $32,000)

What nursery is complete without a rocking chair? Artisan Parker Converse II was listed in Forbes magazine in 2004 for consistently producing a “named, numbered, and signed work of very comfortable art.” Should an affluent parent want to rock their baby to sleep, a gorgeous hand-carved creation would look right at home in the nursery. The artist even takes the user’s height and weight into account while crafting his one-of-a-kind chairs, so parents may just want to buy two so they each may have their own!

The Magic Garden Cradle ($2,580)

While cribs are great, a mom who is nursing may not want to rush to the nursery at every cry. So, many parents decide to use a cradle in their bedroom until the baby is a little older. For those who want the very best in cradles, this garden-themed creation comes with the mattress included but some assembly required. The wait for the item is only 2 to 4 weeks, making it perfect for last-minute shoppers.

Pirate’s Cove Book Case ($2,999)

What better way to encourage a love of learning than to buy a book case? Well, when the book case’s cost is equivalent to two or three mortgage payments, some parents might have to look elsewhere. However, for those with plenty of funds and a leaning towards the nautical theme, a Pirate’s Cove book case may be just the right fit. Want to outfit the whole room in the same theme? Everything from a pirate booty chest to a matching ceiling fan can be had from the same manufacturer. The prices are more reasonable for other pieces in the set. In the world of luxury book cases, however, the Pirate’s Cove option is a steal; Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz once had a large tree-shaped book shelf sell for $75,000 at New York’s Cristina Grajales Gallery!

The Black Beauty Supperman High Chair ($2,125)

While a standard high chair can be had for under $100, this black one was designed by Ineke Hans, a Dutch designer of note. The entire chair is made of recycled plastic and is billed as wind, salt, acid, water, and UV-resistant. Apparently, this thing should be able to withstand just about anything the elements can throw at it.

The Chelsea Dresser in Antique Silver ($1,912)

The astonishing cost of this dresser is compounded by the fact that every other piece in the collection is equally fussy, overdone, and shockingly expensive. While it may seem huge and out of place in a normal room, this piece will look right at home in a mansion-sized nursery. Whether the parents decide to buy the entire set or just the dresser, their wealth will not go unnoticed.

The Agnès & Agnès Design Toy Box ($2,600)

While some parents will simply buy a plastic 55-gallon tote from WalMart and call it a toy box, children of the affluent can have this dual-use toy box instead. It can serve as an art desk and includes many drawers, cubicles, and hiding spaces.

The Sarah Lamp with Bird Finial ($383)

This item may seem cheap compared to the other items on the list, but bear in mind that a decent lamp can be purchased for $30. Therefore, the excess of buying a lamp that costs $383 for a nursery where it may be broken by roughhousing children may seem initially insane. However, discerning parents can see that this lamp could easily be used by a tasteful daughter well into high school. That alone could make it an investment worth the price tag.

When buying furniture for a nursery, affluent parents may decide to splurge on some of these high-end pieces. Whether it’s celebrities, CEOs, or heads of state, the upscale baby furniture market will always be bustling as mothers strive to outdo one another in the nursery. Whether that is money well spent or a frivolous waste – well, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

2011 Interior Trends from imm Cologne – What‘s coming?

Friday, February 18th, 2011

As expected, last month’s imm Cologne International Furniture Exhibition delineated design trends that will influence this year’s modern interiors and may even spill-over into the future if they have the snow-ball success that’s often observed at these shows.

Spa inspired bedroom/bathroom decor

Sayonara Leather Bed by Gamma Arredamenti

Sayonara Leather Bed by Gamma Arredamenti

Dark wood in combination with glass and stainless steel

Selex Rex platform bed by Milmueble

Selex Rex platform bed by Milmueble

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Modern Cradle with Morphing Abilities

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Presented at the 2010 Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt Germany, The Cradle by Kare Frandsen is a great concept that will attract both designer furniture fanatics and or parents.  Shaped like an egg, which in itself evokes nocturnal instincts to protect, the Cradle is (first) designed to be used as a cradle in both hanging and standing positions, and eventually be transformed into a cool chair once the baby outgrows it and learns to sit.  Unlike many contemporary furnishings targeted to babies these days, this piece will outlast most with its morphing abilities.