Design Trend – when royal meets rustic

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia epitomizes the true essence of juxtaposed styles. Modernity and elegance, function and beauty, sophistication and simplicity are designed to coexist in a harmonious and highly impactful composition. Combining spontaneous character of natural burl and the deliberate panache of baroque details that are innate to gilded age royals, Sidney collection is ambitious and one that is destined to dominate the interior limelight with an impressive play of opposites that’s highlighted by superior quality and diverse tactile appeal.

Kitchen from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

Bookcase from Sindey collection by Bizzotto Italia

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3 hot examples of red room decor

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

These hot red rooms are not the kind from “50 Shades of Grey” but rather are steamy illustrations of exceptional unification between the powerful and the subdued.  Red is an inspiring and highly influential color that sets the ambiance in any room around the house, evocative of passion, power, and elevated emotions.  In interior decor, red color is at its best when used subtly and conservatively with understated hints of warmth and exhilaration.  When introducing a new iteration of the Basket platform bed, the Basket Air version by Bonaldo was depicted in a subdued room with primarily grey color scheme and red accents in the form of the Icosi end table, select bedding elements and the frame of the Alfie accent chair.

Basket Air platform bed by Bonaldo

Red color increased in its intensity in the red and white library, showcasing impactful architectural elements with predominantly red colored Wally bookcases by Cattelan Italia.

Wally bookcase by Cattelan Italia

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Unexpected Place for Pianca’s modern furniture

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Pianca is one of Italy’s leading modern furniture manufacturers that specialize in sleek, minimalistic products designed for the living room, bedroom and dining room spaces.  And yet, with a little imagination and a big vision, we found a few of Pianca’s pieces realized in the modern bathroom space, interpreted in a way that exudes nothing but a sense of definitive fit, as if their roots are found in a niche modern bathroom manufacturer like Duravit, Boffi, or Lacava and ultimately proves that Pianca offers versatility in addition to the apparent function and design aspect of its vast product line.

Modern bathroom space by Pianca

In this ultra-modern bathroom, Geometrica wall mirror is used as a vanity mirror, the Antonietta side table is used as a convenient place for a towel while People 30 bookcase is used as a stylish storage for all things “bathroom.”

Modern bathroom design by Pianca

Modern bathroom space by Pianca

Black on Black Modern Interiors

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

What seems to be a very odd and unthinkable interior palette is actually something that is surprisingly impressive and certainly unforgettable.  Indeed, black on black interior color scheme is daring, elegant and offers great contrasting qualities with considerable shock-factor that draws the eye and imprints the memory.

Zero round bed by Presotto

Zero round bed by Presotto

A modern bedroom that showcases the Zero round bed by Presotto is one of the most dramatic and sensory environments where everything is black, including the bed’s upholstery, carpets and walls.  However, in this case, while everything is undeniably the same color, the extraordinary shape of the bed takes center stage and stands out the most.

All-black modern bathroom design

All-black modern bathroom design

In this chic, all-black modern bathroom, the color is interpreted through variation in patterns and textures along with different reflective surfaces.  This causes the single-colored interior to take on a mufti-dimensional scope and in consequence create a stunning theatrical effect.

Black contemporary dining room design

Black contemporary dining room design

When an all-black color palette is used in the dining area, the intention is to achieve an exaggerated and highly expressive outcome that synthesizes grandeur and formality with visual transcendence.

Bone Chairs and Coal Tables: World’s 6 Creepiest Furniture Pieces

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Some furniture designers focus on timeless, classic pieces. Other designers focus on pieces that are interesting, artistic, and even creepy. Artwork does not have to hang on the walls or be tucked away in a corner where no one can touch it. It can be proudly displayed as a centerpiece, a functional piece of furniture, a conversation starter or simply that creepy piece of modern furniture that your friends can’t take their eyes off of.

Burnt Stools
Interior design is going green, and everything natural is hip and hot. Burned logs that are transformed into stools or end tables are unique, amazing, and just a little bit odd. Kaspar Hamacher of Belgium creates these natural works of art that are sure to be eye-catching additions to any home. The German word for ‘burnt out’ is ausgebrannt, and these stools are literally ausgebrant. A wooden log is stripped of all bark and then sections are actually burnt out to create distinctive legs with a smoky finish. Every stool is unique as the work of fire is naturally unpredictable. They are available in lengths that are appropriate for creating end tables as well as stools. Read More