Design Trend – Royally Modern Style

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tying the knot and with that, breaking many rules and age-old traditions as well as redefining what royalty in the 21st century really means through their fairy tale love story, it is not surprising that the ultra-modern interior style that’s known for its particular minimalism is getting a royal makeover. Epitomizing exquisite materials that are inspired by regal heritage and combining aesthetic simplicity with intelligent functionality, today’s modern design heavily influenced by extravagant details typically associated with royalty. This trend was particularly highlighted at this year’s Salone del Mobile that took place in Milan last month. From velvet upholsteries to exaggerated structures, here’s our favorite example of this growing modern trend.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Rossetto showcased two beds that added some extraordinary elements to its already stunning bedroom selection. The Caracalla bed was upholstered in a jewel-toned velvet fabric with extra wide and, curved headboard that’s designed to envelop with cozy refinement. The Sipario bed is the company’s first canopy styled bed that joins the decadence of aristocratic Europe with modern geometry that’s incorporated into its headboard.

Caracalla bed by Rossetto

Caracalla bed by Rossetto

Sipario bed by Rossetto

Sipario bed by Rossetto

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Winner of The Selex Blok Red Walk-on Modern Platform Bed Giveaway!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Hello room service 360° Facebook fans, thanks for all you interest in our first ever giveaway!  We’re proud to announce the winner of our Selex Blok Red Walk-on Modern Platform Bed giveaway.  We have already contacted the winner, but are still waiting to hear back from her!  If the winner does not respond within 5 days after announcement, a new winner will be announced.  We’re happy to have so many new Facebook fans on board, which has made this giveaway worth it for us too!  And since this giveaway was so popular, we plan to have other giveaways and contests for our existing and new Facebook fans in the near future.  So please stay tuned to our Facebook page for more announcements.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever giveaway.

Modern Design Pays Tribute to an Icon

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

A new modern sculpture showcased at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex UK by the talented Gerry Judah rises 92 feet above ground weighing 350,000 lb which in actuality is equal to 135 real-life E-type Jaguars.   A deserving ode to an iconic, revolutionary motor-rebel, that withstood the test of time since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, Jaguar E-Type remains, as Enzo Ferrari described it “the most beautiful car ever made.”  Like its inspiration did 50 years ago, Judah’s awe-inspiring, unprecedented monument dwarfs anything that came before it, accurately depicting the symbol of speed, agility and luxury using 1,640 ft of 4ft diameter steel tube.  The essence of Judah’s intrepid modern design aesthetic is epitomized in the unlikely positioning of the sculpture, in lieu of doing the typical, Judah’s mammoth sculpture is standing horizontally on its front bumper, unaffected by gravity allowing for observes to appreciate the car’s unfading beauty and the sculpture’s ingenuity.

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture by Gerry Judah at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture, Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

The Shun Chair by Asus

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Photo Credit: Chicago Sun Times

This is another new sensation that was dropped at this year’s NeoCon Design Show in Chicago. The chair is called The Shun, and it is by Chinese design firm Asus. I sadly could not find their website or many mentions of the company outside of the design show, so if you know it say so in the comments. Luckily for us, the Chicago Sun Times did a good job of covering the event, something the attendees are slacking on at the moment.

I’m really digging the design of this chair and I can imagine it might induce more lounging than working. There seemed to be a lot of unique office furniture coming out of the woodwork from all areas of the globe. We wrote about the Mobel Linea showcase from the event last week, and you know they also make an interesting office chair or two.

The Austin Modern Home Tour 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Modern Home Tour Austin Texas 2011 from Jesse Knish Productions on Vimeo.

I just found this cool video from the Austin Modern Home Tour which took place last February. The event promotes the modern living scene out in Austin TX and keeps the innovation alive and going. These events take place all over the Americas, so send us a tip and we’ll put up your events video.