5 Lust-Have Accent Chairs for any Modern Room

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Striking seats are no longer hard to find and whether it’s a residence, a luxury hotel lobby or a public space, iconic accent chairs are attraction and have one thing in common, they are equally intense and refined. Usually incorporating rich materials like metals and leathers in bold, geometric silhouettes, these chairs stand out as modern masterpieces that often serve to dictate the vibe of their surroundings.

1. Harley by Gamma Arredamenti is unique and accommodating, featuring an abundant structure that offers plenty of seating space without being overly bulky. Harley chair features a swivel base that’s available in chrome, dark chrome as well as in a various painted metal colors.

Harley swivel chair by Gamma Arredamenti

2. Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia is designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi and is made entirely from a single, monolithic curved glass giving the illusion of floating which yields it to be a true modern design classic and is a part of various permanent museum collections. Aptly named because of its transparency, Ghost glass armchair is made of 12mm thick, gently curved glass, which is able to support 330 pounds.

Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia

3. Monet armchair by Cierre is a truly unique and unexpected surprise for the modern bedroom or any space that requires a little twist to the norm offering the ultimate in comfort and sophistication while also providing a fun place to relax and rock.

Monet armchair by Cierre

4). Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti features a hardwood frame covered with polyurethane resin, unique stitching details and painted metal round swivel base with an option of upgrading to chrome. Gloss armchair can be upholstered in a wide selection of genuine Italian leathers.

Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti

5. Alaska lounge chair by Emilio Nanni for Cattelan Italia blends seductive somberness and masculine allures into a sensual cocktail of quality and design. Alaska lounge chair is an art piece that not only decorates and provides a place for relaxation, but also enriches any space with its magnificent appearance, infused with radiance achieved through its stainless-steel structure.

Alaska lounge chair by Cattelan Italia

Color Story – cognac can be non-alcoholic

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Associated with rich cooper color and intrinsic warmth, the beautiful deep orange shades of cognac are a popular choice for modern interiors and stunning designs from Italy. Perfectly paired with a grey palette as well as with earthy tone, cognac is the go to shade for fashion brands like Hermes and MCM, and a common upholstery choice for furniture manufacturers like Cierre with its Boheme leather armchair and Nicoline’s Bric velvet sectional sofa. Other ways to bring in this uber sophisticated shade is through a lighting fixture like Birdie by Foscarini with its newest copper option or a super hip wall unit composition by Gruppo Tomasella.

Modern interiors featuring deep orange shades



Color trend – white walls

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Contrary to what is typically assumed, a room with white or neutral walls is not necessarily boring or dull, but rather can pack a surprisingly impactful punch and can certainly prove to be audacious in its own right. So what exactly can turn a white-walled room into anything but basic?

Add a focal point, preferable not a huge one as shown with Nick sofa by Cierre that’s upholstered in light leather to match the walls while the Seventies accent chairs are upholstered in a much darker color and draw much of the attention away from an otherwise monochromatic space.

Nick sofa and Seventies accent chairs by Cierre

Nick sofa and Seventies accent chairs by Cierre

Rooms with large windows and naturally well-lit spaces like the dining rooms depicting Viola d’amore and Monaco tables by Cattelan Italia are far from simple and in fact capture the innate architectural charm of the space, as well as help focus the attention on the furniture pieces that fill the room.

Viola d’amore dining table by Cattelan Italia

Viola d’amore dining table by Cattelan Italia

Monaco dining table by Cattelan Italia

Monaco dining table by Cattelan Italia

The white-walled and neutrally decorated bedroom at the center of which is Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo is a softly decorated, perhaps a color-less space but one that could not be further away from boring. This serves to show another alternative that uses natural light source in the form of an exaggerated window, and turns it into a focal point, which by design serves as the room’s center of attention and is noticed because there are no visual distractions.

Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo

Squaring Penisola bed by Bonaldo

Top Tips for Decorating a Large Room

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

It is always a challenge to find the right scale when it comes to decorating any room, but it is especially difficult when it comes to decorating large spaces.  This challenge is especially common with open-floor layouts that are becoming the norm in new construction.

Instinctively, the room’s perimeters tend to be its guidelines when it comes to furniture placement; however, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to bigger spaces.  To avoid typical pitfalls and classic mistakes these large room design tips are all you need.

Arrange furniture around functional areas that form distinct spaces but share common design elements, color scheme and theme.  In a large living room, there may be a sectional sofa for TV watching and a few swivel armchairs that function as a separate seating area.  The same layout logic applies in a large bedroom where the bed (sleeping space) is complemented by a sitting area an example of which includes the Vinci chairs and Monet bed by Cierre.

Monet platform bed by Cierre

Monet platform bed by Cierre

Keep the ceiling in mind when buying furniture.  A low ceiling in a large room may hinder on its roominess and not allow the same layout or scale that would normally be appropriate in a high ceiling room.  On the other hand a very high ceiling in a large room will modify the furniture scale of the room.  Use ceiling pendants or chandeliers to compensate for the extra ceiling height by suspending them a little lower than usual or large scale floor lamps like the Twiggy by Foscarini to give the illusion of intimacy.

Twiggy floor lamp by Foscarini

Twiggy floor lamp by Foscarini

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