7 Tips for Buying a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa That You’ll Want to Spend the Night On

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Do you entertain a lot of overnight guests in your home?

7 Tips for Buying a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa That You'll Want to Spend the Night On

If so, you might be thinking about adding a comfortable sleeper sofa to a living room, den, finished basement, or other area to provide people with a place to sleep. Sleeper sofas are great for those who want to be able to turn any room in their house into a bedroom in a matter of just seconds.

But before you invest in a pull-out sofa bed, it’s important for you to find one that you wouldn’t mind sleeping on yourself. You want it to be so comfortable that people will actually look forward to spending a night in your home.

You can track a pull-out sleeper sofa like this down if you’re willing to put in the work to find it. Here are 7 tips you can use to find a comfortable sleeper sofa for your home.

1. Look for a Sleeper Sofa With a Durable Wood or Metal Frame

Any time you buy any kind of sofa–sleeper sofa or not–you should always look for one that has a durable wood or metal frame.

The last thing you want to do is buy a comfortable sleeper sofa only to have it fall apart on you in just a few years. You won’t have to worry about a sturdy sofa with a wood or metal frame doing this.

When you invest in a sleeper sofa like the Alice Sleeper Sofa by Bonaldo with a wood frame or the Pierrot Sleeper Sofa by Bonaldo with a painted metal or chrome frame, you’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s going to last.

2. Make Sure a Sleeper Sofa Is Easy to Open and Close

How easy is it to open and close a sleeper sofa? You always want to ask yourself that question before you agree to buy it.

Test it out for yourself to see how it works. Ideally, the pull-out bed inside of a sleeper sofa should lift up and out in one simple motion without getting stuck on anything or making any unnecessary noise.

The pull-out bed should also go back into your sleeper sofa in one smooth motion, and it should have a lockdown bar to keep it in place once it’s all the way back into the sofa.

Take a really close look at each and every mechanism that is used to take a pull-out bed out and put it back in. Inspect them to see if they’ll stand up over time without breaking on you.

3. Test out a Sleeper Sofa’s Mattress to See If It’s Comfortable

After you take the pull-out bed out of a sleeper sofa, take the mattress for a test drive to see how comfortable it is. Lay down on it and see how supportive it is when it comes to your shoulders, back, and hips.

Don’t be fooled by the thickness of a mattress. In some situations, a thinner mattress on a pull-out sleeper sofa can actually be a lot more comfortable and supportive than a thicker one.

If you choose a sleeper sofa with an uncomfortable mattress, it won’t matter how amazing the rest of the sofa is. People won’t be jumping at the chance to sleep at your home anytime soon.

4. Feel Around Inside a Sleeper Sofa for Any Sharp Mechanisms

You’re going to want to cover your sleeper sofa mattress with sheets, covers, and blankets when guests stay at your home.

You don’t want those sheets, covers, and blankets to accidentally get ripped or torn after getting snagged on a sharp mechanism inside the sofa. So feel around to make sure a sleeper sofa has smooth mechanisms inside it prior to purchasing it.

It beats buying a sleeper sofa only to realize that you need to buy sheets every few months because your sofa keeps destroying them.

5. Measure a Sleeper Sofa to Ensure It’ll Fit in Your Home

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5 Lust-Have Accent Chairs for any Modern Room

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Striking seats are no longer hard to find and whether it’s a residence, a luxury hotel lobby or a public space, iconic accent chairs are attraction and have one thing in common, they are equally intense and refined. Usually incorporating rich materials like metals and leathers in bold, geometric silhouettes, these chairs stand out as modern masterpieces that often serve to dictate the vibe of their surroundings.

1. Harley by Gamma Arredamenti is unique and accommodating, featuring an abundant structure that offers plenty of seating space without being overly bulky. Harley chair features a swivel base that’s available in chrome, dark chrome as well as in a various painted metal colors.

Harley swivel chair by Gamma Arredamenti

2. Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia is designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi and is made entirely from a single, monolithic curved glass giving the illusion of floating which yields it to be a true modern design classic and is a part of various permanent museum collections. Aptly named because of its transparency, Ghost glass armchair is made of 12mm thick, gently curved glass, which is able to support 330 pounds.

Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia

3. Monet armchair by Cierre is a truly unique and unexpected surprise for the modern bedroom or any space that requires a little twist to the norm offering the ultimate in comfort and sophistication while also providing a fun place to relax and rock.

Monet armchair by Cierre

4). Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti features a hardwood frame covered with polyurethane resin, unique stitching details and painted metal round swivel base with an option of upgrading to chrome. Gloss armchair can be upholstered in a wide selection of genuine Italian leathers.

Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti

5. Alaska lounge chair by Emilio Nanni for Cattelan Italia blends seductive somberness and masculine allures into a sensual cocktail of quality and design. Alaska lounge chair is an art piece that not only decorates and provides a place for relaxation, but also enriches any space with its magnificent appearance, infused with radiance achieved through its stainless-steel structure.

Alaska lounge chair by Cattelan Italia

Color story – combo that screams of summer

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

With summer officially on its way, the bright colors are alerting and inviting at once. Especially as they spell out everything that’s associated with summer. The strikingly fresh combination of orange and navy blue is all about warm weather, lazy afternoons, water and fresh fruit. This elegant yet lavish combination of cool and bright magnificently epitomizes summer in particularly when it is cleverly applied to furniture that denote modern settings and create contemporary environments like the Orange Slice chair and the ABCD sofa by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.

Orange and navy blue color combination in modern interiors

Royal Residence for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Following their fairy-tale nuptials on May 19th, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue living in Nottingham Cottage that’s a part of Kensington Palace, a 17th century eponymous royal residence. Its lavishly designed with refined spaces like the Cupola room and King’s staircase, showcase intricate details that were spearheaded by infamous British architects like Sir Christopher Wren and William Kent over the Palace’s multi-century long expansion and renovation.

Nottingham Cottage

Yet the uber modern new royal may add a touch of her eloquent simplistic style to her new royal residence as she so famously did when she chose the super minimal Givenchy and Stella McCartney wedding gowns.

Meghan Markle's wedding gown by Givenchy and Stella McCartney

With Meghan Markle’s influence, the otherwise palatial interior may have a modern twist. With understated, unfussy elegance, the sumptuous space occupied by the royal newlyweds will perhaps be diluted by cream-colored streamlined sofas, naturally finished wooden tables with glass legs, and bedrooms that offer simple lines and important essentials that collectively highlight the traditional grandeur of the Palace. Lago’s Air bedroom and dining room collection as well as its Slide sofa all have an intrinsic aptitude for blending interior styles and environments, proof of which can be seen in the incredible parallels between interiors curated by Lago and the infamous Palace.

Slide sofa by Lago

Air collection by Lago

Color Story – Midnight Green or Philadelphia Eagles Green

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

It’s Super Bowl Eve y’all!!! And Philadelphia is all lit up in tribute to the Eagles whose journey to Super Bowl LII is truly inspiring. The city’s most recognizable landmarks like Boathouse Row, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, City Hall, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and practically the entire city skyline is glowing with green pride in colorful salute to their home team’s road to the 2018 Super Bowl. But just in case Eagles green love extends beyond the Super Bowl, know that this shade of green is also known as midnight green and is a powerful yet chic color with modern inclination and organic disposition. Midnight green is a color that can easily energize and brighten without appearing ostentatious because of its strong ties to nature, while coming across extra sharp because of its vivid cool, cyan undertone. For inspiration and for very pretty modern furniture pieces if you are an Eagles fan, examples of perfectly applied Eagles Green include the Lock armchair by Alessandro Busano for Bonaldo and the Tuny leather bed by Tonin Casa, both of which embody this gorgeous color with serenity and sophisticated taste.

Modern interiors in Philadelphia Eagles midnight green