5 Lust-Have Accent Chairs for any Modern Room

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Striking seats are no longer hard to find and whether it’s a residence, a luxury hotel lobby or a public space, iconic accent chairs are attraction and have one thing in common, they are equally intense and refined. Usually incorporating rich materials like metals and leathers in bold, geometric silhouettes, these chairs stand out as modern masterpieces that often serve to dictate the vibe of their surroundings.

1. Harley by Gamma Arredamenti is unique and accommodating, featuring an abundant structure that offers plenty of seating space without being overly bulky. Harley chair features a swivel base that’s available in chrome, dark chrome as well as in a various painted metal colors.

Harley swivel chair by Gamma Arredamenti

2. Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia is designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi and is made entirely from a single, monolithic curved glass giving the illusion of floating which yields it to be a true modern design classic and is a part of various permanent museum collections. Aptly named because of its transparency, Ghost glass armchair is made of 12mm thick, gently curved glass, which is able to support 330 pounds.

Ghost armchair by Fiam Italia

3. Monet armchair by Cierre is a truly unique and unexpected surprise for the modern bedroom or any space that requires a little twist to the norm offering the ultimate in comfort and sophistication while also providing a fun place to relax and rock.

Monet armchair by Cierre

4). Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti features a hardwood frame covered with polyurethane resin, unique stitching details and painted metal round swivel base with an option of upgrading to chrome. Gloss armchair can be upholstered in a wide selection of genuine Italian leathers.

Gloss armchair by Gamma Arredamenti

5. Alaska lounge chair by Emilio Nanni for Cattelan Italia blends seductive somberness and masculine allures into a sensual cocktail of quality and design. Alaska lounge chair is an art piece that not only decorates and provides a place for relaxation, but also enriches any space with its magnificent appearance, infused with radiance achieved through its stainless-steel structure.

Alaska lounge chair by Cattelan Italia

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 5 best gifts to give to a design enthusiast

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Attention anyone buying gifts for somebody who has good taste and appreciates anything that has to do with modern design: these are the gifts that are ogle worthy.

1. TheDuck by Alessandro Bussana for Bonaldo is absolutely the most adorable furniture piece with multitude of functions.  From a surreal coffee table to a plant holder, night table and perhaps a an atypical pet.

TheDuck by Alessandro Bussana for Bonaldo

2. Hollywood pouf by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo in limited edition fabrics.  Who doesn’t love a pretty object with practical intent? And who doesn’t love to take originality up a notch with “limited edition” anything?  The Hollywood pouf was gorgeous to begin with, but is entirely irresistible in the seven limited edition fabrics.

Hollywood pouf by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo

3. Mojito Wood bar trolley by Marino Burba for Cattelan Italia is ideal for those who also love to entertain.  This is a perfectly neat solution in the form of a mobile bar that can also hold plates and appetizers in addition to drinks and bottles.

Mojito Wood bar trolley by Marino Burba for Cattelan Italia

4. Filo table lamp by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini is a stunning creation that also helps project personal choices and reflect someone else’s preferences.  With eight highly unique versions Filo table lamp will make just about anyone happy because it’s decorative and so different.

Filo table lamp by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini

5. Lollipop mirror by Marcel Wanders for Fiam Italia is an eye catching piece of art with tones of aesthetic value and memorable character.  Oversized statement with an exciting shape, the Lollipop Mirror is designed to be a fun yet transformative sculpture.

Lollipop mirror by Marcel Wanders for Fiam Italia

Color Story – Inspired by Black Friday, but not in the way you think

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Full of drama, elegance, and exquisite decorative qualities that are synonymous with opulence, black is one of the most stunning colors to use in interior décor and one of the most popular options chosen for Italian modern furniture. But perhaps the most dramatic example of elegantly decorated spaces that use black color is realized by Veblén collection by Fiam Italia. Predominantly made of glass, Veblén conquers prestige and sophistication through exclusivity of shapes and inspiring details of Italy’s cultural renaissance. Designed by Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli, Veblén represents timeless interiors, evoking art and discerning taste.  Collection Favorites are:

  1. Versailles mirrored panels featuring beveled smoked or bronze glass, decorated with angular resin friezes
  2. Queen Elizabeth glass armchair that has a curved smoked or bronze glass structure and upholstered seat covered with leather or fabric
  3. Arabesque curved glass console and Arabesque dining table both of which feature curved glass base elements
  4. Sophia solid wood dining chair
  5. Rocks & Ducale coffee tables both of which feature mirrored facade in smoked or bronze glass
  6. Coco dining table with double glass base

Veblén collection favorites

Does the term “hand-made” really applies to glass?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

One would typically associate hand-made techniques with upholstery, woodworking and other crafts-driven creations, with glass not really being linked to having anything to do with non-machine driven process.  And yet, Fiam’s iconic sculpture-like coffee table proves that glass is a material that can be indeed used to construct an entirely hand-made design.  The Atlas statuesque coffee table is one of Fiam Italia’s most distinguished productions.  Designed by a renowned British sculptor Danny Lane, Atlas coffee table incorporates tiers of straight and curved edge 20mm thick glass molded entirely by hand into refractive and reflective surfaces.  Danny Lane is an renowned sculptor and it’s of no surprise that his masterpiece for Fiam is a collector’s item with museum worthy character.

Atlas coffee table by Danny Lane for Fiam Italia

Atlas cocktail table close-up details

Atlas coffee table close-up

Atlas coffee table production process

4 examples of a bronze and grey color theme by Fiam

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Bronze and grey is a striking color combination that is suitable for any space.  Its modern vibe is edgy and fresh, while the bronze hints add an inviting allure.  A deviation from the typical neutral palette and departure from its colder grey brethren, bronze and grey are the new modern colors that are being echoed by many Italian manufacturers and leading designers.  The likes of Fiam Italia are offering bronze glass as an option for its iconic Ghost glass armchair by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi and for the Macrame coffee table collection by Pablo Lucidi and Luca Pevere.  Bronze color is also used as a background to Fiam’s newest introductions like the Phantom mirror and the Venice console by Fiam’s Veblen division.

Bronze and grey color theme by Fiam Italia