How To Create Perfect Office Lighting: 5 Easy Tips

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Perfect Office Lighting and Best Lighting for Offices

Lighting can make or break your mood. When it comes to your office, at home or otherwise, the right lighting can promote relaxation, positivity, and focus. Here are 5 easy tips to help you create the best office lighting.

Working in an office isn’t always easy on the eyes. In fact, 61 percent of people who frequently use digital devices reported feeling some type of eye strain.

Meanwhile, dim or outdated office lighting can also put unnecessary strain on your eyes. Poor and unplanned office lighting can actually dampen the entire mood of a workspace. besides straining your eyes. Adjust your office lighting today and make it a brighter place to work.

5 Office Lighting Tips to Light Up Your Work

You don’t want your office to have sick-building syndrome. Sick-building syndrome is when you’re lacking natural light, indoor plants, bright colors, and your employees are overall less happy than they could be. Turn the tables on your dreary office today.

Make it Personal

Design of an office space plays a vital role in employee productivity. It turns out that the more customized a design is to fit a specific individual’s needs, the more productive they will be in their work.

In a workstation where the only lighting available was just downward facing lighting, employees weren’t as successful or comfortable than if they were faced with a lighting atmosphere where they could be faced with indirect lighting. Indirect lighting counted as lighting that wasn’t facing directly toward them.

Moreover, people flourish when lighting is able to be individually controlled. Desk lighting that’s available just for the individual is considered to be a highly motivating factor that allows people to complete their work with more accuracy and timeliness.

Soak Up the Sun

Unsurprisingly, people are happiest when they’re working in natural light. Move your desk closer to the window to increase your happiness and productivity.

The light bulbs you’re using can be made to mimic natural light more effectively when you’re stuck indoors. You can get full spectrum light bulbs for your office that effectively emit white light. White light is the closest imitation of natural daylight that you can get with an artificial bulb.

You can brighten up an office space even further by adding a strategically placed mirror. If your office does have a window that allows natural light, but one corner is always left in the dark. Add a mirror there to allow the natural light to bounce off of it more effectively.

If you really want to undergo a renovation, make the switch to an open work environment. Maybe you’re feeling short on windows because one person’s cubicle is taking up all the natural lighting and blocking everyone else out. Tear down those cubicle walls and create an open office environment where everyone can share in the light.

Choosing sleek surfaces instead of a matte finish on everything from desks to cabinets helps to maximize the natural light that you have available. Smooth surfaces cause the light to reflect and bounce throughout the office.

If you absolutely cannot achieve natural lighting because of the nature of your office, make it a point to take a walk outside. A person needs at least a half an hour of sunlight each day to keep them feeling their best.

Don’t Be Blue

Most working areas are lit up to about 500 lux – the measurement of illumination. However, it’s been shown that a work area that’s lit up to four times that much illumination can help combat against the onset of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD is a kind of depression related to a person not getting enough light.

A lack of lighting indoors can actually be making your employees more depressed. You can measure the amount of lux your office is putting out by getting a lux meter app. Adjust your lighting accordingly if you discover that your lighting is literally in the depressing range.

Work With Your Circadian Rhythm

Staring at a screen all day can interrupt your sleep cycle, and so can the different hues your office lighting is putting out.

Warmer, low-intensity lighting helps to calm you down and mimics the lighting that would happen closer to the evening time. On the other hand, if you need to finish a big project and want to signal to your brain it’s time to stay awake, bluish white light is high in intensity and will give a boost to your activity.

Apps like f.lux can also help in adjusting the type of lighting your screen is letting off and adapts your displays for the time of day to give your brain the signals it needs to know the correct type of lighting for the time of day.

Mix it Up

You can really take your lighting game to the next level by installing unique office lighting that becomes the centerpiece of the room.

Pieces like a crystal chandelier light are an absolutely stunning design element to consider adding to any office. Getting a lighting unit with intrigue shows you care about the space you’re working in and sends the same message to anyone who may be paying your office a visit.

If your office doesn’t allow for such types of lighting to be installed, you can opt for a fun twist on office classics. This easily adjustable floor lamp is a great alternative to regular lighting.

Only the Best for Your Office

Once you’ve got your office lighting up to par, you’re going to want to work on the rest of your space as well to make sure it’s the most productive place possible for your employees to work.

It’s been proven time and time again that happier employees really are more productive. It’s been shown that a happy employee can be as much as 20 percent more efficient in their work than an employee in a less than positive mood.

Brighten up the entire mood of your office not only with the lighting but with expertly designed office furniture that’s been designed to create the most functional and comfortable look for any office need.

You can also create a huge impact on an official visitor’s first impression of your workspace by having high-quality furniture and perfect lighting. Don’t miss the mark. You can have happier, more productive employees and a more impressive workspace with just some simple lighting and furniture upgrades.


How to fit a modern office into a small space

Monday, June 18th, 2018

To start with, home office is not on the top of the priority list for many, especially if space is at a premium like in urban settings and smaller living spaces, yet the need for an office space, albeit a small is still one that keeps surfacing as a decorating challenge. No longer an ugly office desk and a chair on wheels, the modern office desk can be creatively incorporated into bedrooms or living rooms thanks to creative and innovative solutions that are available for various Italian manufacturers. Here are a few examples that will certainly elevate in style without hindering on space.

Airport system by Cattelan Italia is an example of a modular solution that offers storage, TV area, floating shelves, and the ability to add an office desk into the composition without disturbing the overall aesthetic design.

Airport bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Airport bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Airport modular bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Airport modular bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Another way to fit a modern workspace into an apartment or small living area is by effectively utilizing corners with desks that can fit into a corner yet provide plentiful surface for work. Examples of corner-oriented solutions include Storm and Island desks by Cattelan Italia.

Storm desk by Cattelan Italia

Storm desk by Cattelan Italia

Island desk by Cattelan Italia

Island desk by Cattelan Italia

A great space-saving solution is to find an office desk that can also double as another functional furnishing element like the Nightfly vanity table by Rossetto that when closed can double as an office desk yet blends perfectly into the bedroom in terms of finishes and contemporary design.

Omaggio Modern Office Desk

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Omaggio is a beautifully crafted modern office desk presented by Ceccotti Collection at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.  Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Omaggio office desk stays consistent with Ceccotti’s dedication and commitment to solid wood construction and the artistic core of all its products with a moto that says “if the wood bends, we carve it”, never using veneers.  The Omaggio desk is a tribute to Carlo Mollino and his famous Cavour desk through the embodiment of beauty and functionality in true harmonious existence.

Omaggio modern office desk by Ceccotti Collection

Omaggio office desk by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for Ceccotti Collection


Interview with Interior Designer Donna Hoffman

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

1) Could you give our readers a little background about what you do?

It’s my pleasure to be called upon by clients in the greater Philadelphia area, extending to Upper Makefield, Newtown, New Hope, the Main Line and also Princeton and Pennington, New Jersey. That’s quite a range – but my clients need me to be their Design Advocate across a multitude of style choices. By design advocate, I mean that I marshal projects  from renovations to room re-dos in order to enhance people’s their lives with more balance, beauty and peace. I’m a nationally published designer, having been featured on both TV and print in vehicles like Family Circle, Real Simple, and It’s an honor to be commended as an industry expert by colleagues or the press, but the core of my purpose as a designer is to create rooms & homes with 10+ year staying power by using design to align interiors with the exact design fingerprint and craving of the people living in them. Using Wise Design, I enhance quality of life, daily balance and pleasure and completely up the beauty factor in the homes of my thrilled clients.

2) What attracted you to the job?

From the earliest age, I re-arranged rooms – not always to my mother’s delight (I recall hearing a distant yell… “Donna!!! I liked that where it was!!!”). In the end, I suppose I am attracted to creating a little more beauty, a little more peace, a little more balance in a
not-always-beautiful-balanced world. And I recognized early in my career the immense power of design to positively impact the way we feel and function in our lives. Design, done right… Is powerful. That is immensely gratifying and creatively challenging to me.

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