How to Choose a Sofa: Finding the Right One for Your Home

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

How to Choose a Sofa: Finding the Right One for Your Home

There are lots of different styles of sofas and choosing one can be difficult. Here’s your guide on how to choose a sofa that’s right for your home.

Buying a sofa is a major investment for your living space.
With all the options out there, it might seem impossible to narrow it down to the right choice for you. Even if you think you know what you want, once you walk into a store or start browsing the images online, all the shapes, styles, and customization options can be overwhelming.

Rushing into a couch purchase is likely to leave you with nothing but frustration and buyer’s remorse.

If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa, it’s important that you make the right decision. Don’t make a choice you’ll regret–use this guide to get a sense of what you should be looking for.

light interior with blue sofa and yellow cushions

Here’s how to choose a sofa that fits your home.

How to Choose a Sofa

Like getting a tattoo or adopting a new dog, buying a sofa for your home is a huge commitment.

There are a number of factors to consider–like size, color, design, and material. You need to know all the facts before you get started.

Follow these steps to narrow down the right sofa for you and your home.

1. Consider Size First

This might sound obvious, but size is an important factor that’s often overlooked.

Your couch will likely be the focal point of the room. It’s important that you pick something of a practical size that still complements the rest of your space. Be sure that you arrange your furniture carefully around your new sofa.

Get out the tape measure and check the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit (and look good) in your space. You want something that fills the space without engulfing it entirely.

Also, check the dimensions of any doors or stairways that the sofa will have to pass through during delivery.

2. Focus on Fabric

From the color to the material, your choice of upholstery fabric can have a huge impact on the room.

Whether you pick a bold color or you decide to go for a simple couch, choose your pattern carefully to make sure it fits your scheme. Remember that brighter and stronger colors will make your couch stand out in your living room–so pick the color based on whether you want your couch in the spotlight or blending into the background.

Aesthetic might be important, but functionality is another key part of picking the right fabric.

If you have kids or pets, go for a stain-camouflaging fabric with a dark color that’s easy to spot clean. Be sure that the fabric is washable or can be removed for cleaning.

3. Find the Right Filling

The filling makes the difference between a couch that’s there mostly for show and a couch that’s made for long movie nights.

If your couch is more of an aesthetic choice than a personal one, or you’re planning on using it more for sitting upright, fewer feathers and more foam will make for a firmer, sleeker look.

If you’re planning on using your couch as a comfy haven for Netflix watching, napping, and friendly get-togethers, opt for a more down-heavy filling option for additional comfort.

You can check the depth of your sofa cushions to gauge how firm or soft your couch will be. Take a quick look at your options:

  • 18 inches. Cool, modern, and sleek–but not the coziest option
  • 22 inches. Still firm, but a little more comfortable for sitting
  • 24 inches. Deep enough to sit and lie down comfortably
  • 33 inches. You’ll sink right into the pillows–a good place for lounging and sleeping

4. Don’t Skimp on the Cost

When it comes to buying a sofa, don’t hold back on the cost.

Your sofa will be the anchor of your living room–regardless of how you use it. It’s probably the largest piece of furniture in your space, and it’s what you’ll see first when you step into the room.

It’s also a big social draw for your home. Whether for a formal reception or a casual movie night, you’ll probably have friends and guests sitting on your couch too.

Your sofa is an important investment–and hopefully something you’ll have for years down the line. Take the time and money to pick out a durable, high-quality sofa for your home.

5. Try Before You Buy

Just like a car, it’s important that you give your couch a test drive too.

If you’re buying in-store, this should be pretty easy. For online buyers, try making it to a store or showroom anyways–and try out the closest option to what you’re looking to buy. Don’t buy a sofa unless you’re sure it’s the right choice for you.

When you’re deciding whether to buy a sofa, don’t just plop down for a few seconds and then give your verdict. Take your time sitting and lying down on each couch that you’re considering. If a salesperson tries to rush you, brush them off and be deliberate with each sofa.

Check the depth, back support, comfort, and armrests. Also be sure to ask about the material and dimensions of the sofa.

Some sofas come with additional perks–like a reclining chair, a love seat or extra cushions. Know everything about what the couch offers before you buy.

The Bottom Line

From classy parties to family movie nights, your sofa will be working hard in your home.

A couch is a functional powerhouse and the aesthetic focus of the room. Knowing how to choose a sofa takes a lot of research, but it could mean the difference between a successful purchase or a painful return.

The size, color, style, and comfort level will set the room’s tone. If you choose correctly, it’ll be worth the investment.

Are you on the hunt for a new couch? Contact us today to ask about our living room furniture and accessories.

Chesterfield sofa is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of history

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Chesterfield, as we now know it, is an exquisite leather sofa that incorporates prominent tufting pattern into its back, seat or both. Its recognized design has turned the Chesterfield sofa into a descriptive and highly transcending style of seating thought to be namesaked after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope who was looking for a furniture solution that allowed comfort without the sacrifice of mannered personal appearance. The original Chesterfield offered an upright, firm seat, adorned with buttons and nail head trim for added trendsetting qualities and aesthetic refinement.

Today, chesterfield sofas have changed the status quo of formal seating, and are used in all settings and in all styles, not just in traditionally designed spaces. Their old-fashioned stigmas and conventional class barriers have disintegrated, with modern sofa versions designed to embrace the decorative depths of original chesterfields with simplified details and a timeless British imprint on interior design.

Some of our favorite Chesterfield inspired masterpieces include the Aston collection by Gamma Arredamenti that includes a sofa, sectional, chaise, armchair and a bed.

Aston sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston bed by Gamma Arredamenti

Aston bed by Gamma Arredamenti

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Color Story – Winter White Modern Living Spaces

Friday, December 15th, 2017

White is a beautiful choice for interior decor, one that is easy to integrate with just about anything in terms of style and color. White is great when it dominates the space or when used as an accent to other powerful colors. But when decorating with white, many find it best associated with ultra-modern furniture or a color palette that is particular to beach-properties. In fact, there is an actual modern design deviation denominated as Miami-Modern, a décor style that’s full of white color and minimal airiness. But, that’s not the white color that will be discussed today, rather winter white – because white is also associated with snow.

Winter-white means a fashion statement, it means layers and contrasting textures of the same tone that add dimension, it means any hue that is not pure, like Benjamin Moore’s Ice Cap, Behr’s Snowfall, and Sherwin Williams Frosty White. Winter white means elegant, regal and magical. And while impractical, winter white is widely associated with coziness and warmth. Check out winter white modern living spaces featuring the Cadillac and Marlon sofas from the Dandy collection by Gamma Arredamenti.

Cadillac and Marlon sofas in winter white from the Dandy collection by Gamma Arredamenti

4 types of leather and what you need to know about each

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Full grain leather is the most natural unhindered form of leather.  It is the closest leather type to rawhide and features imperfections like scars and stretch marks on its surface.   It is not corrected and does not show uniform grain, varying from animal to animal in its surface.  Full grain leather maintains all of its natural grain and is known for its strength and durability.  With time, full grain leather develops a patina that also signals of its high quality.  Full grain leather is available as aniline leather which is the most expansive, highly coveted leather and is also the most commonly used leather upholstery top Italian sofa manufacturers like Cierre and Gamma Arredamenti.  It is dyed with mild dyes that don’t cover the surface with paint or pigments, which preserves the hide’s natural surface including all of its grain and all the imperfections.  Full grain leather can also be semi-aniline which follows the same process as aniline leather only it also includes a thin protective top coat for better wear and stain prevention.  A superb close-up of full grain aniline leather can be seen on the Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti.

Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Kong sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Top grain leather is the next best thing after full grain leather and also the most frequently used in leather sofas and sectionals.  Top grain leather is stain resistant because it’s surface is buffed and sanded after which it is also coated by a protective surface.

Top grain leather by Gamma Arredamenti

Top grain leather by Gamma Arredamenti

Corrected grain leather is lower quality and has been artificially embossed to match the grain in a more uniform texture.  The “corrected” look hides all the imperfections and is most often available in many colors.  Corrected grain leather is available as semi-aniline (see above) and pigmented.

Corrected grain leather by Gamma Arredamenti

Corrected grain leather by Gamma Arredamenti

Bycast Leather is a combination of split leather with a polyurethane film laminated to the surface.  It is rigid and cheaper than top grain leather.  It features a uniform surface because it is manually embossed and is very easy to maintain.  Bycast leather cannot be repaired like natural leather.

Stitching details turn a sofa into a fashion statement

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

When it comes to upholstered furniture, especially when leather is used, the stitching is vital.  From simple to complex they must be straight and sturdy, aligning seams without flaws.  The more complex the seam – the more expensive the furniture and the more fashionable.  In case of Italian leather sofas produced by an Gamma Arredamenti International, stitching is available in a variety of colors, and styles like baseball, twin, English, cross, edge to edge and many more.  From classic to contemporary and creative, the different types of stitching add personality and individuality .

Oxer sectional sofa features Punto Cavallo stitching details in contrasting color

Oxer sectional sofa features Punto Cavallo stitching details in contrasting color

Twist sectional sofa features cross stitching in contrasting color

Twist sectional sofa features cross stitching in contrasting color

Mokambo sofa features Edge to Edge stitching in matching color

Mokambo sofa features Edge to Edge stitching in matching color