7 Tips for Buying a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa That You’ll Want to Spend the Night On

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Do you entertain a lot of overnight guests in your home?

7 Tips for Buying a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa That You'll Want to Spend the Night On

If so, you might be thinking about adding a comfortable sleeper sofa to a living room, den, finished basement, or other area to provide people with a place to sleep. Sleeper sofas are great for those who want to be able to turn any room in their house into a bedroom in a matter of just seconds.

But before you invest in a pull-out sofa bed, it’s important for you to find one that you wouldn’t mind sleeping on yourself. You want it to be so comfortable that people will actually look forward to spending a night in your home.

You can track a pull-out sleeper sofa like this down if you’re willing to put in the work to find it. Here are 7 tips you can use to find a comfortable sleeper sofa for your home.

1. Look for a Sleeper Sofa With a Durable Wood or Metal Frame

Any time you buy any kind of sofa–sleeper sofa or not–you should always look for one that has a durable wood or metal frame.

The last thing you want to do is buy a comfortable sleeper sofa only to have it fall apart on you in just a few years. You won’t have to worry about a sturdy sofa with a wood or metal frame doing this.

When you invest in a sleeper sofa like the Alice Sleeper Sofa by Bonaldo with a wood frame or the Pierrot Sleeper Sofa by Bonaldo with a painted metal or chrome frame, you’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s going to last.

2. Make Sure a Sleeper Sofa Is Easy to Open and Close

How easy is it to open and close a sleeper sofa? You always want to ask yourself that question before you agree to buy it.

Test it out for yourself to see how it works. Ideally, the pull-out bed inside of a sleeper sofa should lift up and out in one simple motion without getting stuck on anything or making any unnecessary noise.

The pull-out bed should also go back into your sleeper sofa in one smooth motion, and it should have a lockdown bar to keep it in place once it’s all the way back into the sofa.

Take a really close look at each and every mechanism that is used to take a pull-out bed out and put it back in. Inspect them to see if they’ll stand up over time without breaking on you.

3. Test out a Sleeper Sofa’s Mattress to See If It’s Comfortable

After you take the pull-out bed out of a sleeper sofa, take the mattress for a test drive to see how comfortable it is. Lay down on it and see how supportive it is when it comes to your shoulders, back, and hips.

Don’t be fooled by the thickness of a mattress. In some situations, a thinner mattress on a pull-out sleeper sofa can actually be a lot more comfortable and supportive than a thicker one.

If you choose a sleeper sofa with an uncomfortable mattress, it won’t matter how amazing the rest of the sofa is. People won’t be jumping at the chance to sleep at your home anytime soon.

4. Feel Around Inside a Sleeper Sofa for Any Sharp Mechanisms

You’re going to want to cover your sleeper sofa mattress with sheets, covers, and blankets when guests stay at your home.

You don’t want those sheets, covers, and blankets to accidentally get ripped or torn after getting snagged on a sharp mechanism inside the sofa. So feel around to make sure a sleeper sofa has smooth mechanisms inside it prior to purchasing it.

It beats buying a sleeper sofa only to realize that you need to buy sheets every few months because your sofa keeps destroying them.

5. Measure a Sleeper Sofa to Ensure It’ll Fit in Your Home

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9 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Monday, August 27th, 2018

Designing your bedroom so that it’s comfortable and sleek can be a bit intimidating at first. Here are some modern bedroom design ideas to inspire you.

modern bedroom design

When was the last time you remodeled your home? If it’s been a while, your rooms may be starting to look a bit outdated.

But the average cost to remodel multiple rooms is $40,922! Who has that kind of cash laying around? Luckily there are some rooms that are cheaper to redo than others.

If you want to freshen up your home, the bedroom is a great place to start. But, don’t just give your bedroom any kind of makeover. Stick to a modern bedroom design to give it a sophisticated look that will last the test of time.

Do you want to know how to do this? Keep reading to discover 9 modern bedroom design ideas that will inspire you.

1. Go for a Platform Bed

There’s no doubt that the bed is the most important element in your bedroom. You may be drawn to plump-looking beds overflowing with fluffy pillows. But you can create a comfortable, yet modern looking bed.

The easiest way to do this is to go for a platform bed. The thin and simple design will look modern, but you can still use your plush mattress and pillows to sleep soundly at night.

2. Focus on Geometric Shapes

When you are focusing on your bedroom design, you’ll notice that there are a lot of decorative elements that go into it. Comforters, rugs, wall decor, and light fixtures are all things you’ll need to choose.

If you want to incorporate patterns into your modern bedroom, focus on geometric shapes. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. If you bought a large area rug with a square pattern and a geometric print to hang on your wall, consider buying a solid colored comforter.

3. Add Some Art

Once you’ve decided on the main elements of your modern style bedroom, it’s time to look for the finishing touches. Wall art is perhaps the most common way to add an extra decorative element to your room.

But, don’t go with just any painting. Boring motel art will only detract from the overall look you’re trying to create. Instead, look for abstract paintings, geometric prints, or framed photography to add a sophisticated element to your room.

4. Bring in Lots of Natural Light

You may not have thought about adding extra light when creating your bedroom design. However, natural light has many benefits, including improving your mood and making you more productive.

In addition to that, the softer light that comes from the sun will help give your bedroom a warm and inviting touch. So, how can you bring more natural light into your room?

If you want to fully commit, a window wall will add the maximum amount of sunlight and help your bedroom look modern. If you aren’t willing to undergo that type of construction, consider using sheer or light-colored curtains.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Do you have this mental image that all modern rooms are black and white? Well, throw that misconception away! Modern bedrooms can use colors in many ways.

You can use a lot of bright complementary colors, like a yellow chair on a purple rug, to create a fun, yet modern bedroom. If you don’t want to go that far, consider using bright pops of color to add a little extra interest. You can keep the majority of your bedroom black and white, then add bold colors to your pillows or artwork.

6. Stay Minimal

One of the most important parts of a modern style bedroom is minimalism. If you load up your room with knick-knacks and ruffled throw pillows, it won’t look very modern.

Instead, purchase a few statement pieces that will add interest to your room without making it look cluttered. A sleek figurine, a funky light fixture, or a large piece of art are all great things to use as focal points in your modern bedroom design.

7. Stick with Clean Edges

Staying minimal is more than just removing clutter. Large, ornate furniture can also make a room seem overly elaborate.

This is why you should stick with clean, straight edges for your modern bedroom. It helps simplify the overall room, so your eye will be drawn to those focal points you chose. But this isn’t to say that everything has to be straight with sharp points.

You can add a few whimsical elements to soften the room. Curvy chairs or rounded headboards are the perfect way to make a room seem more inviting without going too far.

8. Get a Unique Mirror

One of the best modern bedroom ideas is to add a mirror. Not only is this practical, but it can act as a statement piece as well.

So, don’t opt for a boring rectangular mirror. Instead, have a little fun! You can find all kinds of different modern mirrors, from curvy to geometric, that will add a unique touch to your room.

9. Add a Natural Element

Once you’ve assembled your new modern bedroom, you may think it feels a little cold or unwelcoming. But, don’t worry–there’s an easy way to fix that.

Adding a natural element will do wonders for your bedroom. Sometimes a large corner plant or a small bouquet of bright flowers is all it takes to liven up a modern bedroom. If you inevitably forget to water your plants, consider opting for high-end silk flowers–they’ll have the same effect as real flowers but without all the work.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

If you haven’t remodeled your bedroom in a few years, it could be time for a good old fashion makeover. Modern bedrooms are a great way to give your home a sophisticated look while giving your bedroom a design that will be in style for years to come. Just follow our 9 modern bedroom design ideas to create the perfect room.

Did you like what you read? Check out our bedroom products page for the best modern elements for your bedroom.

Design Trend – the glass house effect

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

An example of an eclectic design that comes through in a marriage between modern materials and architectural lines is the Klirr dining table designed by Emmanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia. A work of art that preserves the minimal modernism of glass yet is warmed by the presence of a singular wooden beam that doubles as a structural essential and a source of sculptural spotlight, the Klirr table is a unique solution that is subtle with its decorative freedoms and convenient in terms of its inherent, no-frill simplicity. This particular element of unforgettable sense of weightlessness, is the true attraction of the Klirr dining table and is also widely known because of the glass house infatuation that’s often not realizable because of the increasingly growing habitual saturation. For the fans of glass houses and those who live in one, this particular modern dining room table is as close and as pure of a reality that may not be as farfetched as its seemingly was in the past.

Klirr dining table by Emmanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia

Klirr dining table by Cattelan Italia

Klirr table designed by Emmanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia

Klirr dining table by Emmanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia

How to make your home feel like a luxurious beach resort

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Making a home feel like a vacation oasis is not as difficult. To start with, a white on white theme is closely correlated with beachy, yet modern ambiance. An airy vibe is especially prolific when it comes to combining sleek finishes like glass and lacquer of Prora dining table by Bonaldo with dimensional textures of the Alanda leather dining chairs and the classic minimalism of the tiled floors which collectively create a contemporary but relaxed setting similar to one experienced in chic resorts.

Prora dining table and Alanda dining chairs by Bonaldo

Prora dining table with Alanda leather dining chairs by Bonaldo

This very similar, fresh resort look is achieved with a glowing white-on-white decor using Impunto bed by Pianca in a spacious room where the only pop of color is the ocean outside, but in any urban equivalent would be an art piece or other decorative accessory.

Impunto upholstered bed by Pianca

Design Trends – Summer Living

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Summer is a laid-back season full of weekend getaways, relaxed days at the beach, and outdoor entertaining. It is a time when life is full of care-free, fuss-free occasions and where the home is a reflection of lightheartedness and casual living. Subsequently, making the summer version of a modern house to be one where the floors welcome sandy feet, sofas that can handle damp bathing suites and a chaise lounges that call for an afternoon nap like Pierrot by Bonaldo or Roller by Gamma Arredamenti.

Pierrot Sofa by Bonaldo

Pierrot Sofa by Bonaldo

Roller sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti

Roller sectional sofa by Gamma Arredamenti