How to make your home feel like a luxurious beach resort

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Making a home feel like a vacation oasis is not as difficult. To start with, a white on white theme is closely correlated with beachy, yet modern ambiance. An airy vibe is especially prolific when it comes to combining sleek finishes like glass and lacquer of Prora dining table by Bonaldo with dimensional textures of the Alanda leather dining chairs and the classic minimalism of the tiled floors which collectively create a contemporary but relaxed setting similar to one experienced in chic resorts.

Prora dining table and Alanda dining chairs by Bonaldo

Prora dining table with Alanda leather dining chairs by Bonaldo

This very similar, fresh resort look is achieved with a glowing white-on-white decor using Impunto bed by Pianca in a spacious room where the only pop of color is the ocean outside, but in any urban equivalent would be an art piece or other decorative accessory.

Impunto upholstered bed by Pianca

Design trends – yellow and white color combo is what summer is all about

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Yellow is an exciting hue suggestive of summer and sun, especially when combined with a bright white. The yellow and white combination is in fact so alluring that many designers are choosing it to showcase some of their most vivacious modern furniture collections validating the fact that this incredibly happy color combo is able to inject any interior space with positivity and fun. Here are some of the best examples that encapsulate this spirited combination in the form of interior solutions.

Polka Polka Dots Full White by Toyo Ito for Horm, is an iconic sideboard that blends minimalist graphics, formal geometry and brightening disposition that will undoubtedly illuminate any modern interior space.

Polka Polka Dots Full White by Toyo Ito for Horm

Spazio 05 wall unit by Pianca is another example of this sunny choice that lends a vigorous character to the living space. This sleek, clean geometric living room storage solution features a clever interplay of closed and open spaces that are especially highlighted by the striking color combination of yellow and white.

Spazio 05 wall unit by Pianca

Viento dining chairs by Bonaldo are full of unusual details in the shape of organic motif that are will definitely brighten up any space, especially when paired with a stark white kitchen table.

Viento dining chairs by Bonaldo

How to display memories and mementos without cluttering

Friday, June 15th, 2018

The home is a space that is personal, an oasis of familiarity and a creative outlet that represents all the things that truly matter in our lives. Whether its art, a collection of souvenirs or family heirlooms, there must be a place to showcase and highlight these meaningful objects. Saving the day (and spatial character) are modern bookcases that will not only accommodate the needed displaying functionality but also create a dramatic focal point in any contemporary interior setting.

Note bookcase by  Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

Note bookcase by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

Note bookcase by Bonaldo is a creative way to showcase art and collectibles as it can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider in open floor concepts. Its open structure allows for easy access to all its contents thanks to the visually notable pattern of horizontal and diagonal lines that are further distinguished by an ombre color combination.

Spazio 66 bookcase by Pianca

Spazio 66 bookcase by Pianca

Made in Italy, Spazio 66 wall mounted bookcase and display cabinet by Pianca is a unique storage solution that allows to simultaneously display the most valuable things behind glass doors as well as in an open shelving system. With a myriad of colors and finishes to choose from, Spazio 66 bookcase is the ultimate composition to create visual depth through its closed/opened facade.

Piquant bookcase by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia

Piquant bookcase by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia

Designed by Andrea Lucatello, Piquant bookcase by Cattelan Italia goes beyond its innate utility by incorporating discerning functionality of sliding doors into its dynamically designed facade. Offering both hidden and open areas through the sliding door compartments, Piquant bookcase undertakes the task of fulfilling multi-functional needs in any of today’s modern interiors.



Investing in Luxury: top decorating tips for investment properties

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

It’s utterly lucrative to invest in the next hottest real estate opportunity and many of these are disguised as vacation homes that get rented occasionally.  With sought-after high-rise condo properties that offer ocean views like those steadily springing up along South Florida’s coastline, luxury living is inevitable.  But beside the obvious luxury perks like full concierge and full amenities, these properties are blank canvas and require an equal amount of luxury design to make them on par with their backdrops.  Here are a few decorating tip that guarantee exactly that:

Function is key and most of the time, storage is one of the most important elements which is why it is pivotal to invest into custom closets and wardrobes.  Ranging from simple to elaborate, functional closet organization is truly essential in every room as well as at the entrance, kitchen pantry and bathrooms.  Some stunning examples include Plana collection by Pianca and Tecnopolis collection by Presotto.

Plana collection by Pianca

Plana collection by Pianca

Tecnopolis collection by Presotto

Tecnopolis collection by Presotto

Sophisticated window treatments and ambient light fixtures are also popular luxury barometers as are wall coverings and smartly placed furnishings.  So choose wisely by selecting finishes and materials that have a wide appeal and also are consistent with the look and feel of the condo property.  Some properties have a clean modern look while others offer a more transitional vibe.  Check out Big table by Bonaldo with the colorful base in an all-white condo space that certainly gives off an art-deco, Miami-like style.

Big dining table by Bonaldo

Big dining table by Bonaldo

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Color Trend: Blue Indigo offers a striking statement of sophistication

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Regardless of interior style specificities, Indigo Blue is an exceptional choice communicating simplicity and starkness and lending a sense of timeless elegance to its surroundings.  Eclectic or modern, traditional of bohemian, indigo blue represents avant-garde sophistication, offering a sanctuary backdrop equivalent to a memorable art piece.  Try mixing this powerful and opulent tone with greys or anthracites to get a cooler palette, with white colors for crisper feel or with wood finishes for striking warmth.  A statement color in any room, an indigo blue bed like Basket bed by Bonaldo or Sergio Bicego’s All-One sofa by Bonaldo look even more dramatic because of the enchanted upholstery choice while smaller accents like Pianca’s Spazio Volumi sideboard or the Twiggy floor lamp by Foscarini can create a conversation and leave a memorable impression of great taste.

Blue Indigo Color Trend